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Unboxing & First Perspective

Unboxing :

Admittedly I was impressed when I opened the box , the Ezio seemed to be light , and looked really nice ( in the bag )
But once I started pulling the parts out of the bags , I started to feel that perhaps this was not the best Ezio to leave the HK warehouse .
The first thing that caught my eye was the sloppy covering @ the middle of the wing ( More Soon ) .
Also the hatch , the magnet apparently was not glued to the hatch cover at all .. Not that I can see .

Fitting it together :

Oh the problems , we are talking about a serious PITA ( Pain in the abacus )
1) Wing was broken - hence the sloppy looking covering
2) Hatch cover magnet not glued
3) Wing does not fit the fuse
4) Tail screw does not fit ( Elevator )
5) Ailerons - The screws that lock the control wires ? They dont go in all the way .. It's not the fault of the screws , simply the holes for the screws were either not drilled deep enough or not threaded deep enough . ( @ the control horns )

So what I paid $ for , was a problem looking for solutions .
1) I had to peel the covering , glue and glass the middle of the wing
2) Fit the wing to the fuse VIA some file work
3) Replace the tail screw ( Horizontal stabiliser / elevator )

Still to do
1) Hatch cover magnet - Not a priority
2) Aileron control rod locking screws - To be replaced and ground at the tips so they sit deeper ( PITA to do )

While I remember
...Continue Reading
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Pictures will be posted up later today with a full review to follow,strange that they are selling the RACING HOOPS with timer seperate now.

Eachine E013 Plus Micro FPV Racing Drone Anti-Turtle Mode w/ 5.8G 48CH 1000TVL Camera VR006 Goggles


Aircraft Brand Name Eachine
Item NO. E013 Plus
Size 104x115x43mm
Weight 48g
Color Red, White (Optional)
Material PP
Gyro 6-Axis
Remote Control 2.4G
Image Transmission 5.8G
Motor 8520 Brushed
Battery for Quadcopter 3.7V 500mAh 25C LiPo (Included)
Battery for Remote Control 3 * AAA battery (Not Included)
Charger USB/700mah
Flight Time 5mins
Control Distance 120m
Camera Lens 1000TVL M7
Frequency 5.8G
Frequency Point 48CH
Transmission Rate 0.01mW/25mW (The power rate could be switched to aviod the affection to other drones when flying.)
Sensor 1/3 "CMOS
View Angle 120°FOV 150°DFOV
Image Format NTSC
Frequency Control Press Once: Channel Switch
Press 1.5s: Band Switch
Press 3s: Change the power rate output.
- Band Switch: Press the B+ button once, it change to next band when you operate the transmitter.
- Channel Switch: After select one band, press the C+ botton once, it will change to next channel.The image come out shows the connection is ok.
VR006 Goggles (Optional) Size 138*129*79mm(without...Continue Reading
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Super cool 4x4 Toy Monster Truck!!! This remote control rock crawler comes with original upper body design. So each of our 4x4 toy monster truck's will look different. How cool is that?!!!

Double Eagle (China) Ltd. is a professional toy manufacturer, with over 30 years of history, specialising on the manufacture of RC and functional toys.

Item No.:E324-003
Model Name: 1:18 4x4 Toy Monster Truck
Size of vehicle(cm):27.3*16.4*13.9
Speed: 6.5km/h
Remote distance: 20 meters
Original rechargeable battery and USB charging line included

For more remote control toy products visit:
Business enquires: [email protected]
4x4 Toy Monster Truck - Remote Control Rock Crawler!!! (1 min 29 sec)

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Apocalypse stargate - drone racing FPV (2 min 26 sec)

Random freestyle #2

Thanks to my sponsors:
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I've got the geprc mark2 bnf and only flown about five packs (all together not one flight period), and all the sudden my video feed has gotten really dark in the shadows and the colors are grainy and off, getting a rainbow of colors, and after a few minutes the video goes completely dark. I've tried contacting geprc and haven't heard back yet. Just looking for any answers. It's using the f4 span tower fc/vtx in one.
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Halloa people

You might have come across this wing because iFlight have had several short video's about it allready..
An FPV wing, but not as you know them.. Is that fair to say? I think it is

Link to this airplane: iFlight 850mm Fiberglass iWing

So in this topic I'll post my findings eventhough it's not a review (I received a pre-production sample)..
Don't hesitate to post Your findings / etc on this wing!

iFlight iWing - Not just another Wing :) - SHOW & TELL (24 min 58 sec)

wingspan: 850 mm
length: ??
weight: 1 - 1.3Kg All Up Weight
material: Balsa composite
kit type: PNF
motor: Xing 2208 2150 Kv
propellor: 7x4.2
ESC: 60A
servo's: 2x Digital MG
receiver: 4 channel, or SBus if you want to ad a Flight Controller
lipo: 1800 - 3300mah 4S (not included)
ailerons: 2x elevon offcourse
rudder: nope
flaps: nope
retracts: nope
lights: yes
stabeliser: nope
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Damage to intake valve seal on an FA-50 'type ii head' as i call it. Using OS F plug.
Both valves somehow hit piston. Dunno why, am not original owner. Not the engine's fault.

Brand new Saito valves, it's the head seal. A new glow plug seemed to help a lot. But it would not idle low without dying. I would start at half-throttle or a tad more. Difficult to start when warmed up well--a lot of priming and wasted fuel (as it drips out of carb) from too many tries yet no fire.

If you never get a fire, or pop, even when cold, check glow ignitor battery.
Compression feels low; comes up a bit when primed but low overall. Sometimes erratic power at mid or lower throttle--especially with old plug.

I ran it pretty good at mid to high throttle using a 13x4 Xoar. No improvement. I want to take another look at that head seal. Not sure if its brass insert or just the newer (cheaper) plated aluminum head.

The head on mine is 'kinda rare' too as it's a 'newer FA-56(A) style.' Now, some of the early FA-56's had the original-style FA-50 head
The rest of the engine is similar to Saito's small 4-strokes. It would make a good parts engine for FA-50 thru FA-62(A). The .56 and .62 use a wider piston but otherwise are similar.

I think i'll keep this engine for parts, afterall.

All great powerful thumpers. i say that with experience bench-running them. I easily get 10,050 rpm on my other classic FA-50 with Xoar 12x6 wood propeller (on the bench). Excellent transition, control, and idle.

I believe the same-weight FA-62 can get over 9,000 rpm using a 13x6! These small Saitos are some of my favorite engines (adding to the fact they can be used in small affordable .40-size air frames).
Saito FA-62a The First Run (4 min 21 sec)

10,000+ rpm holy !
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I recently crashed my plane into a tree and it was still working (stuck in the tree) I retrieved it the following day (today) and I can’t get it to power up, I assumed the battery died and charged it for the 30 minutes until the charger showed no red led, then I plugged in the battery to the plane and it will not power up whatsoever, I’ve checked the main wires as far I can tell they all seem to be in order any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

MJX X104G review. This MJX X104G 5G WIFI FPV With 1080P Camera, GPS, Follow Me Mode. Point of Interest, Waypoint navigation RC Quadcopter drone RTF review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, app, flight, duration, range, fpv & camera tests.

You can get this MJX X104G 5G WIFI FPV With 1080P Camera, GPS, Follow Me Mode. Point of Interest, Waypoint navigation RC Quadcopter drone RTF here now:

MJX X104G review - GPS 5G Wifi FPV Quadcopter drone (35 min 55 sec)

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I recently bought a 13x6 two blade prop for my eflite turbo timber 1.5m, and am curious what others who've done this conversion are using for spinners? I'm not sure what will fit the longer collet on this plane.
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DustOff #6 - XK A600 DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane in a 3-4mph Wind ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

Let's blow the dust off this plane ;-)
It has a lot of lift so flying in some wind can be fun ;-)

Here are links to this plane and spare batteries:

Link to this Plane:

XK DHC-2 DHC2 A600 5CH 3D6G System Brushless RC Airplane Compatible Futaba RTF

Spare Batteries:

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Spare Parts 7.4V 300mAh 25C Li-po Battery

Turnigy nano-tech 300mAh 2S 35~70C Lipo

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Happy Weeokend! We hope your week starts out well.
We did a short Flight WITHOUT RC Transmitter and Datalink, only use 4G LTE to control our Fixed Wing.
And the result are very good, feels like we were a bird .
Link video:
5.7 km Fixed Wing Flight With Joystick via 4G LTE (4 min 56 sec)

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A few videos ago, we asked the question which frame should we use to build our 3-Inch Micro FPV Quadcopter, the FlexRC Ascent 3 HD or the HGLRC Arrow 3 Hybrid. At that time "The People's Choice" was the FlexRC Ascent 3 HD and it has turned out to be my favorite flyer-Thank You!

Now, we build out the other 3 inch drone frame, the HGLRC Arrow 3 Hybrid. Why is it a “hybrid?” The front arms are a stretched-X type (narrower) and the rear arms are a “normal-X” type (standard). Theoretically, this "hybrid configuration" should create more stability on the pitch axis and enable smoother and tighter cornering around turns (like on rails!). FPV FlightClub has used this hybrid configuration in their latest racing frames the 5" Proton-R and Neutron-R. One of the (if not, THE) best FPV Race Pilots in the world, Captainvanover, is running this hybrid setup starting this race season!

We complete our Hybrid 3 Inch Drone Build with our own custom components (not the ones which come with the BNF version of this HGLRC Arrow 3 Quad). In the video, we show a complete list of the components we use along with each of their weights, the overall dry weight of the build and the All-Up Weight along with the Thrust-to-Weight Ratio of this build in comparison with that of the FlexRC Ascent 3 HD. Guess which one wins that contest! What do you think of this Hybrid configuration? Also, the 2nd of 3 “Keywords” is revealed to unlock the Mystery of our upcoming announcement. Take a Guess for your chance to Win!
3 INCH DRONE BUILD (7 min 21 sec)

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Wingspan 1042mm / 41.0in
Overall Length 1226mm / 48.3in
Flying Weight Around 2500g
Motor Size 3270-KV1930 inner running
ESC 100A with 8A BEC
Servo 13g Analog Metal Gear Servo* 8pcs
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 90-100 mm
Recommended Battery 6S 4000mAh 35C
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 4-5 Minutes

FMS 80mm Bae Hawk Maiden Flight (3 min 48 sec)

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Amazing SD Raw Footage 😲😲 (Apologies for the swearing)
Test of light handling, colour range and bitrate with the Caddx after sunset.

Caddx Ratel 🐼 Modified vs Stock FPV Footage - Caddx Tarsier not required, cheap Topsky DVR is!! (2 min 33 sec)

I think the Caddx Ratel coupled with a Turtle (if you already have one) may beat buying a new Tarsier. No HD footage for a change but the image captured from the goggles is good enough in low light.

This was my first day flying with the Ratel Starlight camera and I got stuck in a tree with my first lipo. After 5 hours I managed to get it back with some rope and a stick but I just about found the energy to fly a couple of lipos after sunset and before total darkness. Great to have a dedicated FPV Camera especially as I've been flying a lot with the Caddx Turtle lately. it makes such a difference to be able to see in low light and have no latency issues!

Personally , I feel the stock footage is great for visibility in the shadows and makes the early evening feel like daytime; great for Golden Hour flights. Amazingly the footage from my old TopSky Prime 1S Goggles is really good and better than the image produced by my trusty VRD2-Pro Goggles (Topsky sent me a new board to rectify the receiver issue).

Set-Up and Gear:

Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame -

Caddx Ratel Starlight Camera Reading