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Posted by VicT | Jan 29, 2020 @ 03:18 PM | 3,981 Views
If one wants to program their AR636 receiver in the aircraft with servos connected by connecting the laptop Windows PC and USB cable to the receiver bind port:

Power will go from PC to receiver but what other issues are there?

Must receiver be level before power up?
Will power to the servos cause any issue?
Posted by VicT | Jan 23, 2020 @ 04:51 PM | 6,645 Views
I got to program a DX6 and maiden a clubmember’s new Somethin Extra. With the Rimfire 46 and 12/6 prop and 5S she goes vertical and rolls fast and symmetrical. Nice big loops and knife edges OK. Power off glide is long and faster than flapped models but is OK if you have the landing space. No aileron to rudder mix is needed. She needed just a little aileron and rudder trim then I set up wireless buddy box training for the owner. After about 5 minutes we ended up with ailerons on 30 percent. He has been used to flying an Eflite Commander with SAFE On. An AR 636 programmed to the Extra 300 3D specs will replace the antenna less AR620 receiver. My 4 ch version works great with RSSI telemetry but I could not get his to work and Horizon Hobby Technical phone support did not work.

The battery holder and prop spinner was not used. When I put the spinner on there was vibration at half power so it was removed. An Aluminum will be searched for. The 5S had 35 percent remaining after 3 flights so I figure it’s good for at least 9 minutes. More buddy box flying for familiarization is planned. Owner is still getting used to electric over glow power. Anyone recommend an under $100 sound system?
Posted by VicT | Jan 19, 2020 @ 05:54 AM | 6,465 Views
I removed the landing gear on my TT to compare power off glide performance and was amazed at the difference both at high and low speed. With a folding prop and ESC programmed for brake there is no windmilling drag and no risk of prop damage during grass belly landings. My favorite foamy motorglider is the Multiplex Heron and it outperforms the TT. This mod is a compromise but can be usefull when soaring over hills or treelines or when landing on soft sand .