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Posted by VicT | Sep 28, 2018 @ 10:21 PM | 1,871 Views
My Calypso has a belly wheel and itís useful in protecting the belly and it allows rudder steering on touchdown. A few times I have been able to steer the motorglider away from fences and obstructions. It works on hard surfaces, and dirt/grass surfaces. So I decided to make one for the CA.

I used a Dubro Mini Lite wheel 1.25 inches O.D. Using a 4 inch long 1/16 music wire I drilled out the .047 hole in the white plastic hub. I then used the same ďdrillĒ to drill out holes for the same wire. To keep the wheel centered I used two 1/16 wheel collars. The axle is glued to the white plastic receiver door using silicone to keep the axle from sliding.

I trimmed away some foam and pushed the servo cables down into the fuse cavity to make room for the wheel. I think that a 1.5 inch wheel would fit and might be better. The existing plastic skeg looks like it will interfer with the operation and I might remove most of that skid.
Posted by VicT | Sep 07, 2018 @ 08:54 AM | 2,642 Views
My good buddy lost his CA. It was the one with the big flaps, spoilerons, new Bangood motor, with turbo spinner and big blades. He said she climbed so quickly, then went into a thermal she went out of sight. Soaring angels took her....

Reminded me when I was given a Hobbie Hawk in 1983. No slopes in Fla so previous owner put a Cox 09 on a pylon. She climbed so nice but I could not shut the motor down. She was taken by the soaring angels.

Well the good news: My buddy bought two and Iím working on skinning the second model with Keith Sparks plastic shields. Fuselage belly and aft turtleneck are done and the canopy is next. Yes she weighs more but the clear plastic looks so nice and the stiff plastic skin protects the squishy foam. A mini build with pics is planned for those that have ordered the $10 parts from Keith at Park Flyer Plastics.

I bought more motors and spinners and will experiment with some blades using a 4S pack that weighs the same as a Zippy 3S 1300 pack.

Sooner or later our hobby grade outrunner will need replacement. There are hundreds to chose from. I lucked out and found a Bangood motor that weighs 1 gram more but fits and can use a 3S or 4S pack. The 750 KV motor likes the higher voltage and bigger prop and does not get hot like the stock motor. Here are some pics....Continue Reading