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Posted by VicT | Aug 14, 2017 @ 11:47 PM | 4,010 Views
The Valiant gear is stronger than the Pandora gear and is easier to install. The aluminum gear legs are bent so the battery can fit between them. You will need 1/16" thick plywood obtained online or from hobby/craft stores. Scissors can be used to cut out the rough shapes and final outlines can be cut with a metal straight edge and box cutter/ hobby knife. A sanding block with 100 grit paper helps. Clear or white Gorilla Glue and medium CA with accelerator is used for the wood to foam bonds. See pics....Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Aug 12, 2017 @ 12:01 AM | 3,588 Views
The CellMeter 8 is my favorite method to determine if I have accidentally charged my lipo cells over 90% or accidentally flown below 15%. By limiting useable capacity of 75% (90-15=75) I am extending the service life and minimizing the swelling of the cells. I usually have 2 of these meters when I go fly but they get misplaced easily. Now I have a storage place that can't be lost...... on the Apprentice fuselage!

To make the meter flush and streamlined with the fuselage use a small box cutter to trace around the meter while holding it on the rear window. You can make the vertical slices deep enough so that the foam plug can be pushed down enough for the meter to be flush with the fuselage skin. Before glueing the plug remove the plug and grey window covering and mount velcro to the foam and meter bottom. I use 3M Dual Lock (thick type either clear or black) to secure the meter but have it removable. Put a drop of Gorilla Glue on the 4 sides of the fuselage cutouts and with the meter secured to the foam insert the plug and meter into the cutout and slowly push down until the meter is flush with the fuselage top. You can use 3M 20X tape to secure the meter as well. Be sure to allow room for a cable extension (3 or 4 cell) to be plugged into the meter and routed to where you have your battery balance connector. If you use the voltage LED with dual horns a Y cable can be soldered so the horn is visible aft of the Cellmeter 8. A plug can be cutout aft of the...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Aug 09, 2017 @ 08:15 AM | 4,106 Views
The windshield can be cut away using a new small box cutter for the purpose of adding wood to tie the receiver floor area to the plastic motor mount area. My recommendations are 1/32" ply that's been sanded and scored to accept CA and the foam to get kicker. The winshied could be CA'd back in place.

Empennage is key cut aft of lights to access rudder and elevator servo relocation. Access is easier for installation of two elevator servos and relocated rudder servo. Key cut can be reglued or taped back in place for transport and storage box. Dowels and brass tubes can be used to mate the front and rear prior to taping with 3M 20 X tape.

Windows can be cut out but frame wood be needed to add strength.
Posted by VicT | Jul 31, 2017 @ 10:52 PM | 3,846 Views
Valiant Gear is a great way to eliminate nose overs with or with out the Valiant wheel pants. The belly battery compartment can still be used to mount a pack. Here are some pics of the kit I've created for my club members.

Pictures to go: Final glue steps using Gorilla glue on side pieces and CA once side pieces are installed into fuse and gear is screwed down. Check every 5 minutes to mop away any Gorilla Glue that expands and interferes with aluminum gear or foam hatch areas. Let GG dry over night. Remove gear and use GG to fill in any wood to wood or wood to foam areas that have not been glued.

Pics to go : Foam pieces to fill in gear cavities....Continue Reading