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Posted by stingray615 | Jan 04, 2015 @ 06:04 PM | 2,878 Views
Cotopaxi, Colorado, USA Hi, my name's Ken, and this is my first build. I'm new to rc aircraft, but, thanks to these forums, and a lot of watching You-Tube videos, the learning curve won't be so bad. Before investing in camera gear, I'll need to be a good pilot, so I built this with only the basic components needed just to get it in the air. I have several weeks flying a Hubsan X4 107L ... those little buggers are fun and tough!! :-)

Frame: Luke Cookes' Explorer 4, 450 size. It's a very well thought-out carbon fiber FPV platform.

Motors: Sunnysky 2212/980. I'm amazed with the toughness and quality of this little motor. When I bring it down and feel them, they're never hot. I do need to find what oil is best to use on the bearings. I emailed Sunnysky and asked them " what kind of oil or grease is best to use on the bearings?" They replied, and said " Yes, oil is best to use on these." LOL... so, I'm looking at a couple of different brands of dry spray oils for the bearings. Looking at DuPont teflon non stick dry lube.

ESCs: Afro 30A A fine ESC!

FC: KK2.1 ( I followed HKs guide for a Deadcat setup for the KK2 board:, and actually, those figures didn't work that great, so I ended up using the settings from another You-tube video, that worked the best ( Will probably upgrade to NAZA or ArduPilotMega when I go to an FPV setup.):

SK450 Deadcat
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