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Posted by old4570 | Jun 12, 2019 @ 10:45 PM | 1,173 Views

Hmmm , I have amassed a decent pocket knife collection over quite a few decades .
And the one thing and possibly the only thing that really impresses the heck out of me is blade steel ( How good it is - or not )

We had a pile of cardboard , and it was time to carve it up into small pieces that would not overly fill the rubbish bin .
This was a job for - no not superman ! , but rather a decent pocket knife .
All the boxes were about the same size ( hobby king )

1) Spyderco ? This one came from China .. It was the sharpest tool in the shed , and also the fastest tool to lose it's edge . ( Hey that rhymed ) Unfortunately I would rate it about half a box . It started out so well , but very quickly just lost that edge .
2) Ontario Rat ? Again from China .. Shaving sharp to begin with but started tearing about half a box in . I would rate it one box .
3) Enlan EL-08 , shaving sharp to start , another one box knife .
4) Y-Start D2 , from China . Shaving sharp to start . Carved up the first box like a hot knife thru butter . On that second box it started to lose the edge . I would rate this knife 2 boxes .
5) Enlan EL-06 , China . Not as sharp or easy to sharpen as the other knives . Again went thru the first box easily but lost its edge on the 2nd box . I would rate this knife 2 boxes .
6) Remington R3 ( ?? ) Not a genuine R3 , I don't know where this was made , but sourced from a USA seller over 10 years ago . If it is Remington then it's one of the budget Remingtons . ( Could be a Chinese Made R3 ? ) Anyhow ...
It just kept on cutting .. After 2 boxes it could still ( just ) take hair off my arm .

Seriously ! A budget , unknown origin R3 beats out a bunch of more modern knives , some of which claim decent steel .
The shame off it .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 10, 2019 @ 05:42 PM | 1,247 Views
1) My 1.5 meter DLG from China ( Ebay Purchase ) is ready for Chucking
2) The R4 has begun , and the wing is made from 3mm Depron sheet much like the R3 . Only this time the span is around 700mm and there is a carbon ( spar ) , so it can be a true DLG
3) The weather still blows ( it's windy and at times raining ) Blue sky as I look out the window , but another windy day ( Yesterday was gale force )
4) My car stopped working for a week , I thought the fuel pump had died , but the car had simply flooded . And it took over 30 minutes to get it started with roadside assist here with a heavy duty jump starter .
5) I did buy another 1.5 meter DLG which arrived during the week . ( It was a un used kit - not sure how many years old - but the price was right ) Amazing how people want top $$ for old damaged gliders . ( That DLG shortage in Oz )
6) Ordered a kit from GB , they sure have jerked me around with it . Once I get my refund , ill just have to buy the kit from a Ebay seller .

Hopefully today , I will find the time and inclination to sand the R4 wing , then glass the middle ( join ) and iron on some 10 thou laminating film . Once the wing is completed I can start on the tail / boom / fuse . ( Yeah , that's sort of the order I do on a new build )

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...g#post42069021 = R4 wing in more detail !
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Hmmmm , Sales !
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It has taken a while ! But at last some thin cyno arrived today !
This meant I could repair the Mini DLG pro's carbon boom .

I was a little liberal with the thin cyno , and after the application I gave the boom some cure time .
Using a bit of muscle , I could not detect any issues ( bending / twisting )
I also wrapped the boom with some cotton thread which was also cyno'ed , just for a little extra load bearing .

Then I epoxied the pod to the boom . Once the epoxy cured , I started the assembly process .

Well , it's back together .
Just went out to my CG test area and Chucked the Mini DLG pro for CG and trimming .
I will give the epoxy more time to cure and then go out and DLG ...
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Really hasn't been a great week , that's for sure . We are right in the middle of a cold / rainy front that has lasted a little too long .
Today was no exception , overcast and a little overly windy .

Still . I had an itch to get the CG tests over and done with + a little trimming !

I had all my control surfaces set to minimum throws ( furthest hole on the control horn )

I was using the Nanotech 460 2s battery .

First Chuck showed me that for such slow gliding I did not have enough elevator , so I went for the shortest hole on the control horn for maximum throw .
This was better . So I tried a very gentle powered glide ( maybe 10% throttle ) and this showed the elevator to be a little touchy now . I gave the elevator some 50% expo and this really smoothed things out .

The CG looks to be about right for me and I have not adjusted anything else ( Ruder / ailerons ) , only the elevator .
The wind did not really help at all . But it looks like the Firstar will fly on minimum power .
I can really see this model crawling along in calm conditions at maybe 20% throttle or possibly less . And there really is enough power to ROG ( Rise off ground ) .. I tried , but the ground was too rough where I was . On a smooth surface , it should not be an issue .

Wow , 3 new models to play with .. Really looking forward to a spell of decent weather .
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With a budget 450mAh 2s battery , using rubber bands to hold it in place .

a) The CG is a little rearward . Both Ele and Ailerons were touchy ..
b) Ele was already @ 50% rates as anything higher would cause binding
c) Ailerons were 100%

I added 40% Expo to the elevator and it smoothed things out really nicely .
The Ailerons were set to 60% rates and 40% Expo and ended up being a little soft . ( I might try 70-30 before I maiden )

Glides - Oh does the Ezio glide ? Yes it does . I was actually quite impressed by it's glide qualities .
Even with a bit of a rearward CG once you got a glide angle there was no need for corrections and the Ezio just did it on it's own a little like a FF model .
Whilst the Ezio was a PITA out of the box , it looks like it it will fly just fine ( Looks like from the CG glide tests )

Still dont like the prop , 7A and so little thrust ...
Speaking off 7A ..
Read a lot of complaints about the 6A ESC and when I looked at mine ..
Looks like there has been a upgrade to a 8A ESC with 10A burst ...
Posted by old4570 | Jun 02, 2019 @ 12:59 AM | 1,151 Views
Plan was to CG all 3 new planes starting with the F959 .

Unfortunately just after I was done with the F959 , there is a rain front moving in .


I was expecting all sorts of nasty things , but to my surprise the F959 flies like a bird .
There is one thing it wont do = Turn !
At the very slow chucking speed for CG testing , the rudder and elevator were super soft to non existent .
I did apply just the smallest amount of throttle , maybe 10% .
And the F959 actually flew in a straight line with so little power and maintained altitude . But that soft elevator rudder !
Obviously to get more authority , more speed is needed .
Now , how slow was I flying ? A fast human could easily outrun the F959 .. ( So slow )

Obviously with the F959 so soft on the controls I had to move the battery further back ..
To cut a long story short , I moved the battery almost all the way out from the space where it is supposed to go ..
And it was still soft on the controls , exhibiting no instability what so ever .

I dont know that I have ever come across a model with such a wide CG range .
But it did turn better for moving the battery at such slow speed .
I am going to have to velcro the battery so I can move it further back ..

Hmmmm , at 111 grams flying weight .. And the CG being able to be moved back ..
I wonder if I can pull 12 grams out of the nose ? and make the 959 a true sub 100 gram model !

I really wanted to CG the Ezio and Firstar today as well .. But I dont want to be caught in the rain .. So another time !
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Yes , been raining for almost a week now ( most rain we have had in a long time ) ..
Came this morning , one WL Toys F-959 ...
Easy peasy / lemon squeezy ... Just plug in the wings and charge the battery ... Ok !

I also had to trim the rudder and elevator .. Alignment was ?
Other than that :
Engine / prop produce right on about 1:1 power to weight .. Noisy motor but no bad vibrations .
Flying weight is right on about 111 grams .

Factory transmitter blows chunks ! Ever seen a Cow blow chunks , the factory Tx blows chunks like that ..
Ele / Rud are seriously jerky
Motor = First 1/3 of throttle gives you nothing , then suddenly the power comes on .. And motor speed seems to be in 3 stages ( Feels like )
And the Rud / Ele feels the same , like 3 stages of control ( Not smooth at all )

Since the model uses the old Flysky protocol , I bound it to by Taranis Q x7 equipped with a multi protocol module ..

Chalk and Cheese folks ... Night and day , garbage and strawberries .
The difference is simply astounding .. Everything on the Qx7 is smooth ( Motor / Rud / Ele ) .

The battery goes right up the nose of the model , and there is plenty of movement / placement to play with the CG .

I will not fly the F959 with the factory Tx , it just blows .
I already set it up in the X7 .

Bad Weather , rain and more rain predicted + Winds ...
??? When I will get a chance to fly , F959 - Firstar - Ezio ...

MG 800

I saw this...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 29, 2019 @ 08:36 AM | 1,277 Views

Plug and Fly - Just add your battery, radio system and fly
Ultra tough molded EPO foam airframe
Simple bolt together construction, no glue required
Stable flight performance
Magnetically secured battery hatch
Loops and rolls easily

Wingspan: 758mm
Length: 536mm
Flying Weight: 200g
Motor: 2208A 4000Kv
ESC: 10A Brushless
Servos: 3 x 9g

4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver
2S 7.4V 500~1000mAh Lipoly Battery w/ JST connector

Wow , chalk and cheese folks ( Chalk & Cheese )
And I am comparing the Firstar to the Ezio here ...
Yeah , the Firstar is the Cheese and the Ezio is the Chalk ...

Now HK say's you can assemble the Firstar in under 15 minutes , and if you were assembling your 2nd or 3rd , yeah ill pay that .My effort took about 30 minutes , as I was being very careful . I never looked at the instructions , the Firstar was just that easy . There just was nothing to challenge in the assembly process . That's like !!!! 100% Noob friendly .

Now , CG ....
For me a Zippy 850 2s will give me CG at the factory recommended spot , which seems more like a Control line CG spot .
Hmmm , a nonotech 460 gives me a better CG ( to my mind ) and a nanotech 370 gives me , maybe a more rearward CG .I will try both nanotech batteries ...

I measured the current draw @ full throttle and I got some 10.6 amp . Also the thrust seems to be very good and the Firstar might fly around the 30% throttle mark . ( Might ) ... Flying weight with the nanotech 370 is around 207.6 grams ..
All that's left is that flying thing !

Posted by old4570 | May 28, 2019 @ 01:17 AM | 1,595 Views
I guess HK does not really care .. ( I guess )

More problems !

I installed a 4ch Rx ( FS2A ) from Banggood . ( That part was fine ) .
You know , when people say you cant fit a battery in the Ezio , they really mean you cant fit a battery .

One of the batteries listed at HK ( the nano-tech 460 ) , is too large to fit the Ezio ..
I know because I have that battery ...
This leaves you with the smaller 300mAh and 350mAh batteries ...
And a lot of lead to get CG ..

When it comes to battery width , the max might be around 26mm wide ..
There are some batteries that will fit ..................... @ Banggood !
I found some 1s batteries that would have been perfect as 2s , and since they were being sold as a 4 pack ... I ordered a 4 pack . ( Like I need more batteries )

If you look at the pictures , you will see a battery held in place with a rubber band .. This is your other option !
Remove the hatch cover , and use a rubber band to hold the battery in place .. Pictured is a 450mAh of questionable quality .

Oh dear ! Yes , more BS to deal with !
The Push Rod Connectors are garbage ! I guess HK incuded them so you could throw something away .. They really are junk ...

Oh double dear ! Yes , more BS to deal with !
Run up the motor / prop and there is a horrible vibration !
Since I cant remove the prop / spinner assembly ( it's not going anywhere without being destroyed ) ..
I tried to balance the props = No way ! Not happening !...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 27, 2019 @ 12:26 AM | 1,889 Views

Unboxing & First Perspective

Unboxing :

Admittedly I was impressed when I opened the box , the Ezio seemed to be light , and looked really nice ( in the bag )
But once I started pulling the parts out of the bags , I started to feel that perhaps this was not the best Ezio to leave the HK warehouse .
The first thing that caught my eye was the sloppy covering @ the middle of the wing ( More Soon ) .
Also the hatch , the magnet apparently was not glued to the hatch cover at all .. Not that I can see .

Fitting it together :

Oh the problems , we are talking about a serious PITA ( Pain in the abacus )
1) Wing was broken - hence the sloppy looking covering
2) Hatch cover magnet not glued
3) Wing does not fit the fuse
4) Tail screw does not fit ( Elevator )
5) Ailerons - The screws that lock the control wires ? They dont go in all the way .. It's not the fault of the screws , simply the holes for the screws were either not drilled deep enough or not threaded deep enough . ( @ the control horns )

So what I paid $ for , was a problem looking for solutions .
1) I had to peel the covering , glue and glass the middle of the wing
2) Fit the wing to the fuse VIA some file work
3) Replace the tail screw ( Horizontal stabiliser / elevator )

Still to do
1) Hatch cover magnet - Not a priority
2) Aileron control rod locking screws - To be replaced and ground at the tips so they sit deeper ( PITA to do )

While I remember
...Continue Reading
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I ordered some F949 flight control boards some time ago .
Finally got around to trying one .

The board offers 4 channels , Thr - Rud - Ail - Ele
To use the 3rd servo , one simply plugs in a micro servo into the spare 3 pin slot . ( Sorry , which plug ? ) ( Measures 4.8mm x 2.5mm )
Anyways , 4ch capability .

Protocol = the old Flysky protocol used by the 9x and other transmitters .
Only fly in the ointment is the need to rebind the Tx to the flight board every time you want to use it .
This is probably because of the Factory Tx , which sends out a bind signal on start up .

Still , a very interesting board for RC projects that might need 4 channels . Especially Micro Models maybe around 500mm span .
The old V911 boards are just about gone , or simply premium priced . A F949 board just might be what the project ordered .

F949 control board (0 min 27 sec)

Posted by old4570 | May 21, 2019 @ 03:29 AM | 2,086 Views

I only had one 5x3x3 prop to try on the Mini Surfer 800
Today I got a package with some new props ..
So of course I had to see how much current they pulled .
Posted by old4570 | May 19, 2019 @ 12:28 AM | 2,005 Views
It occurred to me ...
That part of the problem lies with the way the pod is a attached to the boom .
3 screws holding it in place to a carbon plate ..
So a lot of force is applied to 3 very small places on launch ..

So before a problem arises , why not just epoxy the pod in place ?
Create a much larger area to distribute launch energy into !
Anyhow , that's what I have done with the Raven 990 ..
I fibreglass reinforced the pod , then glued it in ..
When the Epoxy dries , it should distribute load much more evenly over a much larger area .. ( + the fibreglass wont hurt too much - I hope )
That vertical fin is still weak as ! Next time it breaks , I will cut it out and rebuild it with more carbon reinforcing .
Posted by old4570 | May 18, 2019 @ 09:04 PM | 1,965 Views

I have issued a product alert : ( Well - for what ever it's worth )

I removed the pod from my Raven 990 and it has a stress fracture @ the same location as my Mini DLG pro ( where it broke )
Posted by old4570 | May 17, 2019 @ 10:42 PM | 1,430 Views
Well ,

Not that the Mini DLG pro was a particularly good DLG glider !
I mean , the UMx Whip could probably give it a run for it's money .

But ! I may as well try and repair it .

To that end !
1) I glued the pod back together with some thick Cyno
2) I scratched up the plastic surfaces
3) I put some light weight glass cloth inside and out using the thick cyno to glue it down .

I went with the thick cyno - Since it did such a good job gluing the two halves back together .
Hopefully I have a functional pod once more .

I am sure the carbon boom will be far more challenging , it's strength is seriously compromised .
Just trying to think of something .
Do I go to a Spring pull system , eliminating the music wire running on the outside of the boom ?
That way allowing me to do a WRAP around where the wing posts are , adding strength .

Posted by old4570 | May 17, 2019 @ 12:42 AM | 1,346 Views
Yes , the HobbyKing Mini DLG pro suddenly died ...

I went to do a launch and boom it hit the ground ...

What it looks like is the POD snapped in two , pulling the elevator servo forward , giving the DLG full down elevator and Slam Dunsky into the ground .

The wing and tail surfaces are ok .

The boom is severely cracked where the wing mounts ..

The pod , well it's snapped in two ..

WOW !!!
Since the Raven has pretty much the same pod , and same weak plastic , I guess I have to worry !
This is very disconcerting !

Hobby King ! Bite me !

I am currently waiting on some thin Cyno , so will not attempt any repairs just yet .


I guess I will just have to scratch the Dickens out of it , and then fibreglass it inside and out ..


Will Cyno do ? or do I need to glass it as well around the wing mounts !

Yes , this is very very disconcerting .
Do I repair the Raven before it does a ground pounding landing ? ( I just might have to )
Posted by old4570 | May 16, 2019 @ 12:06 AM | 1,393 Views
HK Mini DLG Pro @ The Sink hole (4 min 50 sec)

Took my HK Mini DLG Pro to the Sink Hole ( local park )
Wow ...

I set this up a long time ago and for some reason the mixes had become corrupted .. ( Flaps not working correctly )
Also I think the CG is too far forward as my elevator is super soft .. ( So I removed some lead from the tip of the nose .
I think my CG was 60mm from the L/E

What I really dont like .. The canopy retention tabs ( They break )
So today I fixed the broken tab on both my HK DLG gliders ... Raven and Mini DLG Pro

1) I took some music wire and heated it red hot then put a hole where the tab used to be
2) Screw in a small screw that will function as a tab
3) Some cyno to hold the screw in place
4) Viola - fixed

HK Mini DLG Pro
Came home and deleted all the functions ( All of them in all the menu's )
Then did the functions all over again ..

Programmed in a Launch function ( Right Aileron deflection )
Also programmed in flaps ...
Everything seems to be working ...
Next time I will have to re-set everything ... ( Flight trim all over again )
Such is life .
Posted by old4570 | May 14, 2019 @ 11:39 PM | 1,041 Views
Rainbow 600 Light Wing ( 93.3 grams Flying Weight ) (1 min 47 sec)

The wind was a PITA , in calm conditions I should be able to fly the Light 600 even slower .
Over all , I found it to be impressive ..
Still using the 300mAh battery for the 112mm CG ..
For Noobs that CG might be too far back .
It was twitchy , especially into the wind . But very flyable !
Everyone should have a wing !
Posted by old4570 | May 13, 2019 @ 09:26 PM | 1,047 Views

Spirit 600mm Wing

A long time ago I made it my goal to build a sub 100 gram flying wing ..
For some reason it became a wall hanger . might have been those DLG gliders .

So today I decided to take it off the wall and go fly ...
Oh the problems !

The FrSky Rx just refused to bind to my transmitter ( yeah , also lost the bind for some reason )
So that ended up being a massive PITA that wasted over an hour of my morning .
Yes, after removing the Rx from the wing I managed to get a bind ..

Some re-assembly later ! and re-mixing functions .
I was ready to go play the CG game ( After all this time - I forgot where it was supposed to CG )
A 300mAh 2s battery seemed to be close .. ( See Pictures )

I went to my CG test area , and gave the wing a Chuck ! , it seemed to be ok ...
Elevator was given 50% Expo , Ailerons had nothing . Flying weight 93.3 grams
300mAh 2s battery ( Still over 8v when I got home )
CG is about 112mm from LE ( measure up against the fuse ) , maybe a little rearward ?

It flies ..
Most of the test flight was 50% throttle ..
There were times the breeze was strong enough to almost take my hat off my head , and at those times throttle had to be increased .
The Wing really got jittery in the strong breeze .. ( Is the CG too far back ? )
It flew well enough in a mild breeze , but I might try a slightly larger 350mAh 2s in the nose .

Over all I have to say the light wing project was a success !
Flying weight was 93.3 grams and the...Continue Reading