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Posted by rcbirk21 | Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:17 PM | 15,495 Views
awesome setup joe!

Originally Posted by joesmith285
Correct, the biggest problem with my 103 last year was the 10 minutes it took just to strap packs in, and it actually kept me from flying it very much. 10 minutes to strap packs in for a 6 min flight

I wanted the 108 to be much more practical so I spent awhile thinking about designing a battery tray. I was looking into having a CNC cut carbon one or something similiar. After some more thought, I came up with the idea to just use battery trays from my 700 size heli. They are cheap, strong, and definitely proven to hold up to the abuse they will receive in this plane.

Here are a few pics. I used long flat carbon pieces to spread out the load. They are bolted to the sides of the firewall and to a piece of aluminum angle that is bolted into a former just above the wingtube.
Originally Posted by jsmith285
Joe is using a Heli battery tray, straps the batteries together and drops it in, Click. Been testing these for awhile. And they hold well. 1/4" hardened Drill rod.