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Posted by sir_clive | Feb 26, 2017 @ 07:06 AM | 4,747 Views

Wing Helper version 1.3.0 is officially released!

1.3.0 introduces a great variety of exciting new features, most notably the support for non-trapezoid wing forms. The list of most important functions and improvements comprises:
  • HOT: Support for non-trapezoid wings added (new tab "Planform" in the main window). Mouse right-click activates the corresponding pop-up menu
  • HOT: "Measure Distance" tool implemented in the 2D Rib View. Mouse right-click activates the corresponding pop-up menu
  • HOT: Possibility to load a background image as a guidance for wing creation (see "Planform" tab mentioned above)
  • HOT: Joiners now also working between outer panels
  • HOT: Tutorial videos with audio commentary
  • DXF export for the entire wing added
  • 2D rib view is now using a newly implemented "CAD Widget" view, providing the ruler. To pan the view, you now have to press and hold the "Shift" key, like in the 3D view window
  • Spars, sheeting strips, and rib combs can now be assigned any colour you prefer, except black (used for internal purposes) or white (special meaning: "revert to default")
  • New file format (V2). This means, 1.3.0 can read old files, but if you save something with 1.3.0, you won't be able to read it with earlier versions!
  • If "PDF Export" or "DXF Export" was called right after the first start of the program, the program erroneously reported that the test period is already exceeded
  • Twist can now
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