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Posted by sir_clive | Jan 16, 2012 @ 04:25 PM | 10,962 Views
As much as I love my AXN Floater Jet, I felt the urge for getting *more* involved in this hobby - by building my own plane.

After some reading on the principles of airplane design, I decided to take the easier route and to start out with a ready-made plans. A short research revealed this wonderful "BluBaby" plane, designed by Tony65x55. Basically, I stuck with the plans, except for the wing, which I wanted to look more like a "real" one.

Being too coward to make a dihedral, I opted for a flat wing with winglets on it.

The materials I use are simple EPS (5cm block for the ribs, 1cm sheet for the fuse), and 3 resp. 6mm depron for wing coating, stabilizer, rudder and winglets.

The plane already starts to look like a plane, so I decided to share some pics and some experience with you....Continue Reading