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Posted by sir_clive | Nov 13, 2011 @ 05:11 PM | 12,042 Views
This is a mini blog of my Wing Retention System for the AXN Floater Jet / Clouds Fly.

I read a lot suggestions about the retention system, but I somehow didn't like any of them. So I set out to make an Ultimate Wing Retention System! I think I did quite well... those wings ain't going ANYWHERE I don't want them to go!

Basically, I re-enforced the wings with pieces of wood, drilled a hole, put a carbon rod through it, stick a piece of steel wire, bent it, took another piece of wire, bent it into a clamp, and that's it.

Here the details. Just remember to work as precise as you can, and the result will be really nice to look at AND it will do the job perfectly....Continue Reading