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Posted by deanz406 | Mar 27, 2019 @ 11:14 AM | 992 Views
In my quest to find suitable warbird models for our local museum, I wanted to add a few more Axis type aircraft to the collection, so that there would be a nice representation from Axis and other countries. I went to the Lebanon, Pa swap meet on Mar 9 and I found a pretty decent Top Flite kit built .60 size Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero W 63" wingspan. I prefer the .60 size planes because they aren't too large or too small, and represent nicely. I also found a ESM ME 109, and a Hangar 9 P47 that I'll assemble and take there later. These planes are in the 1/5- 1/6 scale, and represent nicely.
I decided to start on the Zero 1st as it is fairly old, and had been flown, and had it's share of hangar rash. The covering needed a little ironing, a lot of cleaning, a few patches, and some finishing touches. The cockpit was completely open and unfinished, the landing gear legs were all rusty, and the old K&B 65 was a greasy mess. After getting everything cleaned, I added a balsa floor to the cockpit area, fabbed a pilot seat, and found a suitable pilot. I sanded and wire wheeled the rusty L/G legs, primered and painted them, and reattached the leg covers. The cowl was full of old fuel and oil residue, so I scrubbed it out, and got it ready to install a really nice scale 9 cyl radial into it. I decided to leave the old K&B motor in it, but had to recess it farther back in the motor mount so that the radial motor would fit in the cowl. I cut a piece of threaded rod to extend...Continue Reading