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Posted by SoloProFan | Nov 24, 2018 @ 03:02 PM | 85,755 Views
Hobbies are expensive, and the RC hobby is no exception. And thus, a place like this, where RC-loving people gather, will also attract people with different motivations, like those trying to gain something for nothing. Sometimes it seems like their activities start to overshadow the real spirit of RC. When subforums are being overrun by people spamming "deal-topics", sometimes even creating extra accounts on RC Groups, to maximize their chances on financial gain.

But that's not what RC is about, and it never will be. Imho RC is about a kid saving money with chores, being a paper-boy (or girl), so he or she can buy that kit, or that motor, or something else that is needed to complete the car, boat, plane, or whatever they are trying to get working. Or that sparkle you see in the same kid's eye when running his/her new(ly completed) model. Or as I've personally had the honor to teach a befriended collegue to fly FPV quads, and make such progress that at some point he's no longer a student, but someone having the time of his life, as he mastered the controls enough to be flying solo. That, imho, is the true spirit of RC.

Sometimes we may forget this spirit, and don't take time to sit back, and realize what a privilige it is to have access to all this exciting technology that enables us to enjoy this hobby in ways that weren't possible years ago. It's not about gathering free samples, clicks, how many subscribers, who's the best driver, pilot, etc, or affiliate links,and more of that. It's about the joy and excitement this hobby can provide, and being able to spread, and share this feeling with "kindred spirits" who know the value of keeping this in mind.

And in case one of us threatens to forget about this, others will hopefully step in to remind this person about what really matters. Maybe this blog entry can help a little with that.

For the love of the hobby!