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Posted by Bootstrapper | Apr 16, 2019 @ 01:40 AM | 991 Views
The newest project; A scratchbuilt FPV wing:

Span: 115cm, Root Chord: 40, Tip Chord: 25, Sweep (distance): 25
C/G 17cm (from Nose)
Material: 5mm & 8mm Depron with C/F spar & Corflute vertical stabilisers,
Weight: 860g, (950g with 3000mA/h battery)
Airfoil: KF-4,
Motor: TGY Aerodrive SK3 2836 1500kV,
Propeller: 8x4E,
Battery: 3-S, 2200mA/h,
ESC: 45A (5A SBEC),
Autopilot: BGL-6G-AP,
Servos: TGY-9018MG,

As usual, I don't like posting until after a successful maiden-flight. And boy! What a maiden! It flew straight out of my hand and only needed half a dozen clicks of down-trim and three clicks of right-trim. Flies like it's on rails. I dialled in 50% expo on Aileron and Elevator as the elevons have a little more throw than is optimal.

The wing cruises at around 40Km/h on a bit less than half throttle. Launching is a bit 'different' for me as this my first 'pure' wing. I held the wing about halfway out, thumb on top and fingers underneath and threw it back-hand, like a Frisbee or Discus (but omited the 'flick' of the wrist as I let go) and it flew straight out of my hand, no problems at all. The stall is a non-event; reduce power and feed-in elevator and the model just 'bobbles' along in a nose-high attitude. If the elevons are held full-up long enough, it will eventually drop a wing but as soon as it picks up a bit of speed, it just straightens out. There's no tendency to spin. It won't loop from straight-and-level flight, instead...Continue Reading