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Posted by Knoll53 | Jul 17, 2014 @ 12:49 PM | 4,481 Views
Inspired by a short discussion, here's my approach to a forward swept wing prototype. It features single surface elevator and flaps with a rudder for roll and yaw. Still thinking about how much dihedral to use. Some where in the 3 to 5 degrees range.

What I like about this configuration is that for nose up the elevator/flap deflects down, thus increasing camber and AoA. Good for slow thermal flights and in reverse good for fast slope flying.

Wing skins
PolyC and glass (1 min 16 sec)

Food Wrap at fuse did a nice job of controlling loose glass edges and compressing all. final finish needed minor sanding to remove small ridges.
food wrap on layup (0 min 52 sec)
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