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Posted by Doug Simmons | Feb 25, 2018 @ 08:38 AM | 3,858 Views
Well, they ought to pronounce it frisky...

I'm tired of waiting for my Spektrum transmitter to die to justify taking the FrSky plunge, I want to take the damn plunge now, today. It's been a while since I crashed anything, so I figure I owe myself a treat. I'm trying real hard to do this right with respect to what's compatible with what in order to accomplish this and that, but I need one or two of you to vet my purchasing game plan before pulling the trigger.

Of all things on which to overspend, I'd put the transmitter right up there with my ol' lady's engagement ring (bless her heart for putting up with me, for example this monetary disappearing act I'm attempting to execute). So if I'm taking this plunge I'm going with the X10S, the Cadillac of the Frsky offerings, I want to take full advantage of it. This includes (firstly flashing OpenTX in case that doesn't go without saying) having sixteen if not thirty-two channels operational, manipulating flight controller settings and indulging in a full-blown telemetry data addiction relapse. With those general requirements I have not found one site that has everything I need, so I need to use multiple vendors.:
  • I'll get the X10S from Aloft or MotionRC, probably not the classifieds.
  • I want either the G-RX8 or the S8R receiver: They both have eight channels ready and capable of more, I think each have full telemetry support, one has a vario built-in, the other has a stabilizer (I only need anti-wind/turbulence, nothing
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Posted by Doug Simmons | Feb 19, 2018 @ 11:21 AM | 3,270 Views
"Woah dude I thought that was a UFO," said a local youth as I wrapped up a night float flight.

I could understand how it would make that impression, especially if he were a little buzzed on something. Night flying is so much fun and really quite easy if you're both using enough light and some coloring to maintain orientation (to know whether the plane is flying toward you or away). The only thing that makes me nervous is not landing on the water but nearby residents seeing the lights and calling the cops. But if I were the cop responding to the call and discovered it was a handsome young man flying not an annoying drone but a seaplane with a custom light rig in proper nav light formation, I would keep my lights off and enjoy the flight, you know?

RC Seaplane Night Flight (2 min 1 sec)

I'm new to the night flying scene but I've already discovered that led bulbs make a fine substitute for led strips for the purpose of night flying just with scale-ish nav lights (not for artistic creations). In terms of putting out the same, if not more, lumens per watt, they are efficient. They are small and those that I used weigh only six grams apiece. I didn't do wind tunnel tests but I'd submit that they edge out led strips in terms of the drag and weight cost per lumen.

As they are silicone popsicle, not strips with some sketchy rubber tubing, they are completely waterproof, which I know from flying off of saltwater with leds on the sides of the floats. And maybe...Continue Reading