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Posted by Doug Simmons | Jun 18, 2017 @ 01:35 PM | 7,010 Views
I'm a float addict, but I only have access to saltwater. Nasty skanky saltwater with untold concentrations and varieties of poop.

It doesn't take much wind when taxiing to capsize a Timber, Tundra or E-flite Valiant, and steering the Valiant with moderate wind is difficult. Corrosion-X is good stuff, but this salt and bacteria is a formidable opponent, and it's cost me a lot of electronics. I could just not fly on days that aren't calm, but I have an addiction to feed.

So I embarked on a RCG and Youtube trek to find a plane that would promise less vulnerability to wind. I wasn't looking for a hotrod or something sexy like the ICON A5 (and I have no need an amphibious plane), just something to let me get airborne when wheels aren't an option due to too many people being outside. The Dynam Catalina struck me as having potential due to its wingtip floats but I had bought another Dynam plane, the Beaver, and was very disappointed in the assembly process, perhaps spoiled by Horizon. Also the Catalina was a bit large, and those I asked advised against it for my purposes.

I went to the waterplanes forum on RCG and ordered it by most views/comments, and by far above the rest was the ICON A5, kind of a sexy plane by Horizon, also scale, long flight time, decent sportiness and maybe wind resiliency. I asked in the thread if it were for me, and some nice fellow pointed me toward the Flyzone Tidewater.

The Tidewater has wingtip floats, a water rudder, and a following of...Continue Reading