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Plan fixe 67 gr
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DJI Ronin S Unbox and Information with Panasonic GH5

Costing $699 US and £669 in the UK and its available to pre order from DJI Here

The Ronin S is a single handed DSLR and Mirrorless Camera gimbal that can support models up to 3.6kg and still provide stabilises footage while on the move, I purchased mine at the same time as the Panasonic GH5 and have been using this combination for over a month now.


Superior 3-Axis Stabilization with 3.6 kg Tested Payload Capacity

The Ronin S is fitted with very powerful motors, its been tested up to 3.6kg but many people have exceeded this with large cameras like a RED and still got solid stabilisation results.

The Ronin S has Autotune that is able to tune its motor power so no matter if you have a Sony A6300 or and GH5 with Cage its always giving you great performance.

Camera Control

On supported camera models you can control the shutter, start and stop recording and focus via the built-in buttons on the Ronin S Grip, it also means the Ronin S can automatically fire the shutter in intelligent modes like Motionlaps.

Currently the GH5 offers the most compatibility, DJI are working on updating camera support all the time and there is a up to date list on the DJI site of officially supported models.

Built in Focus Control

DJI include the find focus control with the Ronin S kit, this allows you to do actions
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I created this series of videos for my subscribers on youtube as I was regularly being asked questions around how the GPS works, what relationship the compass has and how these all work with the individual flight modes.

For more info on the Mavic you can see on DJI via the below link

Please not this is an affiliate link and if you would like to support me or the channel you can use it.

Part 1 Flight Mode Basics

DJI Mavic - Explaining Compass Errors & GPS Issues - Part 1 Flight Mode Basics (6 min 42 sec)

Part 2 Compass Error

DJI Mavic - Explaining Compass Errors & GPS Issues - Part 2 Compass Error (24 min 6 sec)
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This Freewing MiG-21 80mm EDF Jet Fighter Performed High Alpha Maneuvers at Warbirds Over Whatcom and was piloted by a Canadian Airline Pilot named Sebastian.

Freewing MiG-21 80mm EDF Jet Fighter Performing High Alpha Maneuvers at Warbirds Over Whatcom (3 min 35 sec)

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Hi guys here all my rc boats 52 all up just put them all outside to clean the shed
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Using the Mule parts for other planes---beacon for the Tundra.
New video Small (0 min 12 sec)

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Halloa people

in case you have come across my channel lately, you probably know I like the KHX5 Elegant frames from GepRC quite a bit.. By now I have build 3 quads with that frame..
BUT.. now there's allso a BNF / PNF version of it, for those of us that just wanna fly instead of building the quad themselves

Link to this quad: GepRC KHX5 Elegant BNF / PNF version

Excellent! The drawback of a ready-made quad is offcourse that you can't pick & chose the components yourself.. So has GepRC done a good job at that for us??

The Best RTF Freestyle FPV Quad :) - Show & tell (27 min 28 sec)

wheelbase: 230mm
material: 4mm carbon fiber + 7075 alluminium
flight controller: GepRC SPAN F4
ESC's: GepRC SPAN all-in-one 40A Dshot600
motors: GepRC 2306 2450 Kv
propellors: HQprop V1S 5040 x3
camera: Runcam Swift 2
VTX: GepRC SPAN 25-600mW 48 channel
receiver: FrSky R-XSR
OSD: Yes (BetaFlight)
smart audio: Yes
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Greetings gentle readers;

Iím continuing to work on the 3D printer enclosure. Iíve got the two side panels completed, inside painted white, and four ĺĒ aluminum angle riveted into place, and the top panel partially complete, inside painted white, and one ĺĒ aluminum angle riveted into place. Iíve ordered and received the hardware for the clear acrylic doors. Iíve ordered and just received a battery backup for the printer. I was printing a couple of parts to test the fit of the parts with some purchased parts. During the 14-hour print, we had a power glitch (lost power for about 5 seconds). That shut off the entire print and left me with ĺ complete parts. Had I been ĺ of the way through a 7-day print, it would have been more of an issue. With the battery backup/surge protector, I should be able to continue printing for approximately 45 minutes before the battery is depleted. Our house power supply is quite reliable, but there are times when the power will trip off for a few minutes every so often. So the idea is for the battery back-up to keep the printer operating through these short power outages. If we lose power for an extended time, then Iíll lose those prints. In the meantime, the printer continues to be idle.

Just got back home from attending the 2018 NMRA National Train Show in Kansas City, Missouri. Just WOW! Fantastic modular layouts in O, HO, N, and Z scales and also LEGO trains.

As for the boat itself, I have been working on the battery...Continue Reading
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Footage of my FT Super Bee (2nd flight) where I ended up losing orientation and sight of the plane somewhere over our RC Airfield's "death valley". Even footage of my trek down into death valley to look for it with no success.

FT Super Bee (Zipper)... MISSING! LOST! FLY-AWAY! GONE! (3 min 34 sec)

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Mount on visor, tabletop or ground
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Click here for the latest entry in my IMAC log.
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Epp Plank finally flies. It flies fast considering it has a slowfly prop and tiny 2206/1400kv motor. It is heavy, 450 grams and I have to really heave it to get it into the air and then it sort of fights its way up. Way under powered plane but great once it gets going. Unfortunately I had a tiny ESC on it and it was too much at full throttle. Plane doesn't really land, it just kind of falls out of the sky onto the ground. But built Ford tough. Looking forward to getting this one up to speed. It sounds kind of cool because one end of the wing is open. Also replaced crooked control rods with stronger straight ones cause they were bending - that's why it ended up in a tree. Got it down with a 5 meter bamboo pole.
See if you can hear when the ESC gives up the ghost.

EPP Plank Maiden, Fourth Flight and ESC Expires (1 min 9 sec)

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Everyone I know in aviation, whether it be modelers or full scale pilots, has a favorite airplane. My first ride in a Piper Cub happened when I was really young and it changed the trajectory of my life. I knew I wanted to fly, and one day fly a Cub. It took me 30 years to get back in to a Cub, but it was well worth it. Idling at the end of the grass runway, pushing the throttle up and pushing the stick forward to get the tail flying...50mph and it flys off with gentle tug on the stick. The Cub doesn't go fast, doesn't really climb well, and isn't very aerobatic, but what it does give you is a sense of being one with the air. Cruising at 85mph with the door open doing lazy 8s, working to keep the ball in the middle, is fun, just plain old fun. There is something about looking out at those yellow wings knowing that for the last 80 years or so the Piper Cub has been teaching or providing many a person with their first taste of flying or the nuances of keeping a taildragger straight. I can't think of any other airplane that gives such a great reward for such simplicity. With no electrical system you have to hand start the engine, there is no radio so diligence in looking for traffic is mandatory. Plain old stick and rudder skills will sharpen quickly. On grass the Cub is a pussy cat, pavement can provide you with an entirely different landing or takeoff experience. The heel brakes might as well not even be installed so attention to directional control on pavement is...Continue Reading
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Name: 3DBEBE1E-1416-4FFE-B547-E7D6B64E2EB0.jpeg
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Size: 999.7 KB
Description: Honda CRF250L dualsport

I got the go-ahead from the family to get a street bike. I explained that if i feel the road is too dangerous i may trade it for a dirtbike

I have decided my SV650 dream is a bit too expensive, heavy, & fancy for my wallet. If i win the lottery however... to me the SV650 is motorcycle art!

Name: 2BF8CEDB-DF61-421B-92BC-23D69FBB4230.jpeg
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2018 Honda CB500F (click picture)

But I can't afford anything 'artistic.' The Honda CB500F or Yamaha SR400 are the best i can do. Honestly, i think they look sweet These are $6000 bikes not including fees.

$6000 bikes are supposed to be utilitarian, according to the US Motorcycle bible. That is considered cheap to modern motorcyclists. For me, it's about all i'd ever like to spend. The used market affords more promise, but i am hoping to get a new bike

(Every motorcycle magazine has dug up a piece of this 'bible.' And I'm pretty sure it was written by men....wanting to sell $18,000 VMAXes and mid-life crisis supersport bikes)

What! Why buy new!? Because... I'm getting older. This may be my only chance to get a new bike. Heck, it'll take me 3-4 years before i am even ready to purchase one.

And yolo (gotta take care of a few deals first)

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By some miracle my schedule cleared up and I got a park flying session in for the first time in weeks. And a pretty good one, too, mixed quads and planes, over a dozen batteries altogether. Was nice to catch up with everyone.
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2.5 inch qwad on 4s carries full size gopro


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Hi my name is Chris, Iíve been into rc cars Spence I was very young. My latest rc was a Traxxas all wheel drive rtr that got totaled by a curb, (not my fault). Anyway Iím looking for friends to join a club Iím trying to get started in howell Michigan. Any and all experiences welcome. Iím also on the lookout for a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse modal made by and discontinued by hpi. Iíll pay at minimum 200 for the rtr.
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Totaled the Mule this morning. Wind was too much and I lost her from 200 foot up. All on me. No fixing her this time.