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Posted by Flakpak | Today @ 08:28 AM | 304 Views
I need to fit a new insert into the top of a half-inch diameter Centurion undercarriage leg, but cannot extract the old one. I have removed the roll pin and the central peg, but the outer part is stuck in the top of the tubular leg. I am thinking of applying heat but don't want to damage the piston seal; am also mindful of the spring held in compression by the insert. I'd be grateful for any advice from others whose landings are less than perfect and who have successfully carried out this repair.
Posted by Triptykon | Today @ 06:32 AM | 367 Views
I was exposed to the hobby at a very young age by my dad. In the first picture with the Mirage Jet and the Andrews Trainermaster I was about 4 years old.

In the second picture with my dads Aeromaster Bi-plane. I was about 7 years old.
Posted by errorman | Today @ 05:14 AM | 392 Views

Hi peeps

Just a quick up date on the Runcam split . Now selling them in rigid ink flexible bioflex 6x different colours to choose from .. No more screws needed just pop in the cam and fly .. Here the link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Runcam-Spl...e=STRK:MESE:IT

100% positive feedback on my ebay shop.. worth a look!!!!!

Thanks for your time .. fly hard...Continue Reading
Posted by bdcock | Today @ 03:12 AM | 470 Views
I 'm building a Boeing 777 in balsa. Span +/- 150 meter , weight +/- 3 kg without batteries.
What kind of EDF (2 pair) do I need to get this plane in the air? I think between 60 mm and 70 mm EDF but I 'm not sure.
Posted by Cola Yo | Today @ 01:12 AM | 511 Views
I did some successful test flights with the X1 transmitter and want to give you some feedback. The X1 was installed to my DJI Phantom 2 which is equipped with GoPro 3 Silver, a H3-2D gimbal and an iOSD mini module for inserting flight data into the video stream. I used a SPW antenna which is positioned below the craft. and not shielded by other equipment. Up to now my Phantom 2 was equipped with an iftrontech Nano Stinger 25mW F-band transmitter which is a very reliable, good (and quite expensive) transmitter, so it's a good sparrings partner. The X1 is running directly on the 3s standard Phantom battery, about 12V. As receiver I have used my FatShark HD2 goggles with a receiver module for F-band and race-band installed, equipped with an 8dB circular patch antenna.
The results:
The X1 was set to F-band, channel 1 and 25mW for direct comparison with the Nanao Stinger. The video image was very good without any disturbance, even better than with the Nano Stinger which usually needs a ground connection between antenna base and GoPro ground to avoid horizontal stripes within the image. For range testing I used my standard parcours with some trees as obstacles and free line of sight legs with up to 1300m length. Both transmitters behaved mostly equal here as far as I can judge by comparing noise within the image and dropouts behind trees. As I tested at a quite rural location I was also able for tesing the higher output power settings, normally forbidden at Germany. But as I...Continue Reading
Posted by rcduder | Today @ 12:50 AM | 521 Views
Hey guys, built up a new frame as I found I could never get my martian 3 consistent in flight due to the cheap hardware. So I decided to go with a local company and bought the quadrysteria rush 5" frame! Paired with the emax rs2205s motors and the Racekraft 5045 tri blades it is a beast! Fc, escs, rx and camera are the same as the previous build. Thanks for looking! Check out the first flight with it here:

New Build!! Rush 5"/Emax rs2205s Freestyle (3 min 9 sec)

-Michael Anderson/PNWFPV
Posted by bluem6 | Yesterday @ 11:14 PM | 562 Views
I've completed another quad. First impression was very disappointing last week. The intention of this build was to use on 3S but going with 1104 8500KV was a mistake. The motor was hot and had so much vibration that tuning was very difficult. The frame came with 2840 tri and these props are pretty awesome in term of sound. They were super quiet and really wanted to use them. So after stripping it down and added more silicon dampener the vibration was almost gone. It was much easier to tune and decided to lower it to 2S instead. I was really surprise that even on 2S it had a lot of punch...so to finish the build I wanted to add some AKK AIO.

The distance between the aluminum is too small for any of the AKK that I currently have. The only one that would fit is a micro 800TVL cam that I had for a brush quad similar to this.

The transmitter is a 200mw VTX02 from BG. The problem is trying to fit all of this under the aluminum frame and the only place for the vtx is right behind the camera. There are no mounting holes so hot-glue to the rescue....just hoping that the vtx does not get hot enough to melt the glue.

Here it is completed..might change the jst to xt30 later on when new Tattu battery arrive.....

...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 10:24 PM | 596 Views
In other news, the trick with the 5D Mark III was to set the intervalometer to start when exiting the menu. Starting on the shutter actions didn't work, but exiting the menu did. The only way to stop it is to power it off & remove the battery when the writing stops. Then power it on & dig through the menus to disable it before it starts shooting again. There is no way to see the viewfinder before starting the intervalometer. You have to start live view & finish composing before digging through the menus to start it.

The only bracketing available is the 7 step factory mode. It must be set to single shot mode to use the intervalometer. The intervalometer properly steps through each exposure.

None of the cameras can be aimed when they're shooting at full speed. Need to measure the amount of time it takes the sun to cross the frame on the wide & narrow lenses. Would be happy just to get a piece of Leo & the sun in frame.

Had just enough visible stars to get in a 5 frame stack at 1 second, ISO 400, F2.8. This is 4x more light than the highest exposure on mreclipse.com. The bracketing will go from this to 4 stops below his highest exposure. His highest exposure still wasn't a total whiteout.

The totality CU was originally written as 1/100, but changed it to 1/200 for the slight chance of getting a prominence. The 2 wide DSLR's are covering the same bracketing range.
Posted by Dave Eichstedt | Yesterday @ 09:42 PM | 606 Views
Owatonna was great (NAMFI), and next up is Warbirds and Classics Over the Midwest in FonDuLac, Wisconsin. This is a fun event with an awesome flying site, and I'm looking forward to it! I'm working on both my P-51 and Spitfire at the moment, and hoping to bring them both along with my P-47. Right now it's looking promising for getting them all there.

Again, if you plan on being there, look me up and we can talk about kits, state of the industry, or whatever else is of interest at the time.
Posted by Theothelol | Yesterday @ 06:13 PM | 774 Views
Hi, I am getting my first RC car and I am getting the traxxas Rustler car and I was wondering a few things.

1. Is it a good car? I am a beginner that has had only RC Drones. I have no clue about customizing them at all

2. I am buying it used so how do I know If it is destroyed or has some problem with it?

Respond asap, Thanks!

Posted by TreeDiver | Yesterday @ 01:39 PM | 1,014 Views
It was a nice flying evening with friends!

At one picture there are the 4 TopModel 69mm EDF Jets of which two of them are of a friend of mine.
The BAeHawk and the A-4 are in my collection

We had a great evening and it was also fun to fly the FVK Aquila!

Posted by basslord1124 | Yesterday @ 01:37 PM | 1,024 Views
Posted by burkefj | Yesterday @ 01:03 PM | 1,039 Views
I was trying to find a use for some 3" pro series tubing I had that was pre-cut to 21.5" long, I decided I wanted to try to do something similar to the Mig 21i Analog, which was a testbed for the TU-144 supersonic aircraft wing. I was limited to how much wing I could use by both the length of the tube and the spare depron I had left in large enough pieces. I made a nose insert using a paper cone soaked in CA glued to a .03 styrene disk with a shoulder made from some strips of body tube reduced in diameter to fit the inside.

Wingspan is 20", single 3mm carbon spar wtih elevon controls. Back edge of the wing has a cutout for the motor tube, and the vertical fin goes through the tube and glues to the top of the motor tube to help align it in place. Exposed wing area is approx 1.29 sq foot, so about 7.75 oz/sq foot wing loading compared to 5.5-6 for my kits.

Rail buttons are offset to the side so they don't get damaged by landing and I put some skids on the bottom of the tube. Did some quick indoor glide tests which gave me a conservative starting point for launch. Came out at 10 oz rtf with E-6 motor and battery and 3/4 oz of nose weight.

I did six test flights this afternoon, nice straight boost, glide was not bad, not as good as my kit planes since the wing is about 3/4 of the area of my kits and the nose is fairly draggy. It was fairly windy but did some nice near vertical touchdowns in a headwind.

I went home and added a cockpit/spine tunnel with...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Yesterday @ 01:01 PM | 1,042 Views
when i took meteorology i did reports of wind direction at several heights. i learned that wind moves horizontally in layers, that sometimes move in different directions, and therefore you may find your plane changing direction due to this. it is particularly more noticeable when flying gliders, that are trimmed for detecting subtle changes in the wind, be horizontal, or vertical. i have witnessed this frequently, and yesterday it was even more clear.
the wind at ground level was easterly, but when climbed to 100 meters (320 ft) the plane changed direction by wind blowing from the south. and i could see the clouds above moving from the west. my plane was no that high, but when came down to the 100 meters level, it fell into the ground level layer from the east and changed direction again.
it is what those who fly baloons use to change direction by climbing or descending depending of the direction of the wind in those layers.
fascinating matters of the air....
Posted by Deserteagle | Yesterday @ 10:17 AM | 1,109 Views
Found a cool park to do some tuning
RotorX V2 custom build Great Falls New Park. (9 min 51 sec)

Posted by RC Roundtable | Yesterday @ 09:23 AM | 1,162 Views
Episode 35: 'The Virgin of Oshkosh' is now live!

In this episode, Fitz, Lee, and Terry are finally reunited. They are also joined by their buddy, Philip Hinkle, to talk about Oshkosh and other stuff:

- Mercalli for Mac
- That airshow
- Lee's turf war
- The best part
- The worst part
- RC flying at Oshkosh
- Ultralights
- E-flite X-Vert
- The Oshkosh diet
- Lee represents the AMA
- Any questions?
- McCormick P-38 update

You can visit our website at RCRoundtable.com to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: contact@rcroundtable.com.
Posted by Fitz Walker | Yesterday @ 08:34 AM | 1,168 Views
I take a look at flying the ELF DLG
Elf DLG | HobbyView (6 min 44 sec)