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Posted by Edge767 | Jan 05, 2015 @ 12:57 PM | 5,319 Views
I've seen discussions on the forums here around skill levels, proficiency, and ability. Admittedly, these discussions didn't use the aforementioned words, but the fact remains that the discussions around those topics did take place. What is interesting to me is how many people in the hobby seem to confuse being merely functional by having the ability to put a plane in the air and bring it down more or less intact with being truly proficient at flying. What's the difference?

Functional Pilot: Can get a plane into the air without using rudder to keep the plane safe or to counter the effects of torque and/or P-Factor. Can keep directional awareness (for the most part) and can land the plane without breaking any major pieces.

Proficient Pilot: Can take off while keeping the plane on center (or imaginary center), flies safely and always keeping directional awareness while avoiding orientation issues, and can land the plane gently.

I understand the enthusiasm we have for the hobby. It's why we're all here (yes, me included). I've been flying small planes controlled remotely for over 35 years, and I still feel like a kid when I do it; excited. It's why I try to keep to checklists; my enthusiasm has caused me to forget a few things that compromised the safety of my aircraft over the years. That enthusiasm is what drives us to share videos of flights that showcase marginal ability.

What troubles me is the culture of "I shared my video, don't criticize me or you're being...Continue Reading