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Posted by Edge767 | Nov 23, 2012 @ 04:55 PM | 5,413 Views
It's been a while, but I have received both new planes I've been waiting for: the Parkzone Corsair F4U-1A Retract-Ready and the Parkzone UM Spitfire with AS3X. Between the two, my overwhelming favorite is the Corsair.

The Spitfire is nice for flying in front of the house and the AS3X makes it more stable, but it just doesn't handle nearly as well as the Beast does. The Best is truly an aerobatic plane whereas the Spitfire flies a bit more sluggishly. I think it flies like a much larger plane, which is good for keeping up practice when I can't make it to the field, but it is prone to tip stalling and requires a good amount of speed to keep it in the air.

The Corsair, on the other hand, is an absolute dream to fly. Since I'm quite proficient with the PZ P-47D and the PZ Spitfire, controlling this new PZ warbird proved to be no different. It has good power with the 15 sized motor and it maneuvers well. I installed the optional retracts and flaps, and together, they complete a very well designed RC airplane. Landing it is very pleasant, and I got some of the best greaser landings I've ever made recently with the Corsair. I have to say that the Corsair now ties the P-47D as being at the top of the hangar with the Spitfire a very close second (only because I can't get it to not nose-over EVER).

A picture of the Corsair at the field. The landing gear doors that normally are on the strut are off because I lost one of them on the maiden. I am currently in the process of fabricating a new door to replace the lost one and will post new pictures soon.