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Posted by HybridDrone | Apr 12, 2016 @ 07:53 PM | 4,859 Views
Open Technology Park

would like to announce 2016 Top Global High-Tech Project
in delivering packages weighting up to 100kg to customers, companies
via network of fully autonomous self-flying
Powered Paraglider Drones
remotely controlled
via Ground Control Station
and ParagliderPilot software

Autonomous take-off and landing

We plan to build 100 Powered Paraglider Drones in 2016
and rise 1M Euro soon
and build 100,000 Self-flying Autonomous Powered Paraglider Drones
till 2020.

Autonomous self-flying Powered Paraglider Drones can serve
as AirTaxi as well as AirCargoTruck
delivering goods in rural regions to remote locations.

Self take-off technology has been developed to let
ParagliderTaxi or ParagliderTruck to get back to home.

Project funded via Kickstarter, private and public funding, high-tech innovation investment funds.

First 10 prototypes of the Powered Paraglider Drones to be delivered
at 100,000 Euro a piece within next few months.

If mass manufactured retail price can drop to 10,000 Euro.

Please let me know your opinion and your interest.

Project is open and sponsored by Open Technology Park.
You are welcome to join the project.

best regards,

Self-Flying Powered Paraglider Drone

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Drone Airthworthiness Testing

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Posted by HybridDrone | Apr 02, 2016 @ 11:14 AM | 4,884 Views

we are setting up service and support for
Drone Airthworthiness Testing (too early for certification)
based on airthworthiness testing standards set by AMA, FAA and other organisations.

Since supporrt and service is provided on-line, remotely,
we need to work out set of standards based on official standards for airworthiness testing and examination in case of aircraft, since as of December 2015, what you fly in US under the name of a Drone, has been renamed to "Aircraft" under legislation by FAA.

Since you represent different legislations on personal drone aircraft airworthiness testing, certification, I would greatly appreciate your opinion and inputs on what should be tested and under what aircraft airthworthiness standard.

thank you

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

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