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Posted by GEMFAN ts | Jul 11, 2015 @ 11:20 AM | 6,189 Views
Analyze on account of this group of data, you can see that the extreme thrust of old style 5045 propeller is 447g within the accelerator range from 0-90%. Our new style 5045BN propeller can reach extreme thrust of 528g within the same accelerator range. This is an obvious change. Within the range of 0-50% accelerator range, the efficiency and thrust is higher than that of 5045, which sufficiently proves the high efficiency of low speed. Within the 60-90% accelerator range, the efficiency is higher than 5045 propeller with the same thrust. Therefore, we can analyze the differences between new style 5045 NB and old style 5045 under the same thrust.
The most prominent character of new style 5045NB is the thrust which is 18% than that of old style 5045. Furthermore, with the same thrust, analysis result has proved that its efficiency is always higher than that of old style 5045 propeller. Please ask if you have any query, I will be patient to answer your questions.

Test motor and ESC
ESC: 20A

Oh sorry we tested the instrument displays the test data is in Chinese. in the edit data into English, the program is wrong. Tomorrow there will be a new set of data to update.

Red Data with Triangles = GF5045
Blue Data with Circles = GF5045BN

Posted by GEMFAN ts | Jul 07, 2015 @ 10:49 AM | 5,738 Views
By RCG feedback, I upgraded to 6030 propellers update.6030 has been replaced by a new propeller propeller before 6030,regardless of performance or strength it has been effectively improved. I hope you continue to support Gemfan hobby products, we will hear of your suggestions, improve our propeller design.