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Posted by cleansurf2 | Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:24 AM | 15,965 Views
An independent consolidated review & info on all the Starfire versions.
I've built eight Starfire core sets now, all built different (park flier, slope and DS gliders). I currently own around 12 flying wings, no two alike, have many hundreds of slope flying hours and done in flight comparisons with other slope wings. I wanted to share some reviews and info on these relatively unknown high performance flying wings.

Thread info:
Various versions
Flying application / version choice.
Reviews / comparisons.
Video demos.
Build logs.
Recommended parts and build methods.

I'm not on the MWcores payroll, I just love building and flying a performance wing and their was very limited details available on this little gem, so I've consolidated all the essential info and links in this one thread, enjoy.

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Starfire insane slope speed frontside, 25 knots, Modified MWcores EPP flying wing (9 min 49 sec)