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Posted by cleansurf2 | Aug 19, 2011 @ 01:02 AM | 15,964 Views
HK Budget EPP foam Pitts Biplane. HobbyKing Pitts EPP-CF (Build, review, demo).

Out of the box: Pretty impressive for the price, especially having the motor included. I have a 1000kva motor I'd like to try at some stage with a larger prop for better efficiency. The wings are airfoils not flat profile, which is excellent and the EPP is fairly stiff.

BUILD: Took me around 5 hours to build. Definitely need to free up the control surfaces. The 3 balsa pieces that are the vertical supports between the wings are week, advise tracing them out in case you need to replace them at some stage. Better still replace them with EPP. Build was fairly strait forward and manual was actually pretty helpful. The last thing to fit was the battery to get the CG correct. I wanted to stay light for vertical performance so used a 1000mah 3S 20C battery, gives me around 10 minutes flight time. The manuals CG location worked fine. I had to put the battery fairly forward to achieve the CG with a 1000mah.

FLIGHT REPORT: Firstly, all my experience is on flying wings (which I'm confident on). Being a Bi-plane, it needs a little bit of rudder for good turns, still learning rudder control. The standard motor and 8" prop was fine with beyond vertical performance. Very capable at slow flying. Played around with some knife edge and hover the plane is capable of both (the pilot needs practice).

OVERALL: Recommended
However Its not overly tough...Continue Reading