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Posted by cleansurf2 | Jul 15, 2010 @ 05:25 AM | 17,713 Views
This is my park flying wing design, they fly great. If you want a light slow fly performance wing with great handling and glide, this rocks.

Application is slow flying, park/street low level and downgraded to combat as they start to get old and trashed. This is the 6th incarnation, the last 4 have had the same wing profile with just some fuselage, covering and elevon changes. This one has laminate covering (so far so good, nice finish and stiff wing). I accidently put a little Ahedrial in the wing when applying the laminate which has made some performance issues in slow flight (nose dips when turning out of a left bank turn?) Otherwise this build is faster than my previous due to covering material and streamlined fuse. I changed the engine mount and cut the mount into the wing instead, this made for better thrust angle and now can accelerate and maintain level flight without radio input.

Performance is superb, great glide ratio, vertical performance, light weight for crashes, can slope it in light winds and fly in tight areas.

AUW 300gram, 610mah 3S, HXT 24Gram motor (1500 or 1700kva), gws 7x6 (nice and quite).
Air frame: styrofoam, 40" span, 10" root, 6" tip, sipkill airfoil, 30 degrees sweep, 2 degrees washout.
The fibreglass bumpers (from HobbyKing) protect the leading edge (I fly these wings low around trees and in my street around light poles, letter boxes, etc so the bumpers get used some times. They are removable, I adjust the battery position to adjust CG when removed.

I continue to build these, they are just so much fun, I'm happy with the current design, minus the ahedrial in this latest build.

Here is some video of it with keyring camera (cap mount and onboard)

Home built RC flying wing, Scratch built park flyer, keyring camera (2 min 49 sec)

Posted by cleansurf2 | Jul 15, 2010 @ 04:08 AM | 16,678 Views
This is the finished aircraft. I wanted to improve handling, I added the small top wing (experiment), no good. Recently modified it, stripped the tape and added additional wing sections, now a 42inch span. Fibreglass rods frm nose to wing tips are removal, used for protection for test flights. I added a carbon spar and covered in heat activated laminate, nice smooth stiff finish!
The CofG obviously needed to be moved back due to the increased wing area toward the rear. A fraction of Ahedrial accidently added when covering. about 3 degrees forward sweep on the outer wing sections.

Overall performance greatly improved. Good speed with the FWD swept wings, pitch performance improved as expected, glide greatly improved.
But something just not quite right with the handling, maybe Ahedrial or FWD sweep, no washout or just imperfection of the manual wing cuts and airframe.
The handling was not completely predictable.

I removed the front coreflute which changed the CG FWD. Flight performance and predictability improved. This hack experiment has died now, elevon broke away trailing edge of the foam, that's OK, some valuable data gained. I intend to refine this design down at some later stage to give a nice abstract looking aircraft, providing I can get good handling from the design type.
Posted by cleansurf2 | Jul 15, 2010 @ 03:38 AM | 16,650 Views
Another something different from my normal small park flying wing skratchbuilds. Styrafoam hotwire cut wings. Designed as a light weight small faster foamy (for the running gear). 610mah 3S, HXT 1500kva 24gram motor, GWS 7x6 prop. Performance was dissapointing. Once agai a long fuse/wing gave poor pitch sensativity, roll rate to high, motor tourque roll to great with the narrow wings, general handeling well below that of my usual scratch wings. The build technique was OK and I have utilised coreflute in similar ways but for battery/motor only.
Posted by cleansurf2 | Jul 15, 2010 @ 03:28 AM | 16,553 Views
Scratch built Styro foam flat profile. Goes OK. Vertical, just, with a 1050mah 3S and 1600KV 30gram brushless. Floats well for easy landing. I am not a big fan of long aircraft, it has a slower pitch sensativity due to the length of the wing/Fuse, roll is pretty fast. Other than pitch being a bit slow, flys pretty well.