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Posted by cleansurf2 | May 28, 2010 @ 08:55 PM | 17,562 Views
I'm using a basic 2.4G Tx'r (US$32 + S&H from HK). Mostly because of the cheap Rx's available for it at <US$13 + S&H. This allows me to have a lot of basic planes for different conditions, applications and various atates of repair. As they get battered they get an even harder time low level etc, untill it's all over.
The only time I have ever had a glitch is when I put some lead balast on one of my gliders over where the antennas where installed, I try and set the antennas away from the CG points now where I may want to add balast.
Otherwise, a dozen operational planes on this Tx'r and no probs, recommended budget 2.4G rig. I recently got another one so I could configre for a 3D flyer setup.

The disadvantage of this model is memory loads have to be back at the PC. Not a real issue for me as I have set all my planes up the same, which does have some limmitations, as I would like to change ratios for elevator/aileron throw/mix for some planes, but I get buy fine. I even setup a airbrake on one plane using one of the Tx analouge knobs.

HK now have gone to V2 of this Tx'r, slightly cheaper, but Rx'rs are single antenna only (maybe range issues, it now has Freq hoping so hopefully that will compensate). The HK X9 now has Tx module built in and $9 2.4G 8chl Rx's, also compatable with the V2 T6 Rx's, reviews so far look good, may go this way next.

Some excellent links for the Tx'r.

T6 Tx

T6 Tx drivers etc

T6 Tx trainner switch mod

Sim Tx

Palm pilot software
Posted by cleansurf2 | May 01, 2010 @ 06:34 PM | 15,446 Views
A basic profile of my favourite hobbies past and present. And somewhere to put a picture of my latest builds when there finished, I'm always in the process of building a new RC plane and I enjoy the challenge of designing performance flying wings of various configurations.

My RC background; currently 300-400 hours on flying wings, mostly slope soaring. I have 5 kits and have scratch built about 10 various planes, mostly wings. My main scratch built wing is a styrofaom 39" on a sipkill airfoil (10"-6" chords) under 300 gram flying weight. With a small HC blue wonder brushless and 610mah 3S LIPO I get vertical performance. I fly this around my street and parks, occassional slope in light winds.

Recently (2011) I got to finally try surfing a flow rider
Flow rider & Flow Barrel, Finally got a chance to try it. (2 min 45 sec)