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Posted by Captain Canardly | Nov 11, 2017 @ 02:04 AM | 15,856 Views
Well, it's xero degree wind chill, I have 2 more kits in Laser status, and I'm 4 years behind "schedule" After obtaining Missy, I was a tad concerned, as she managed to chew my dihedral braces bag for my (2) Chrysalii 1.5's, but other than that, she would chase the cats around the location of my buildboard from last January! I guess she figured it was part of the furniture, and when she plays "keepaway" from dad, she finds there is no more clear route to escape my grasp! Now that i've heard lots of guys mention I can get a handlaunch built in a weekend, I'm challenging myself to the task! We will have 3 more visits to VAMC next week, so I guess the best way to track is to ignore =somehow- Ace Combat Infinity! I don't mind mentioning doing build logs is a very time consuming item, so I'll just go with "chapter" status, and catch up on lots of the new F3 RES stories coming along now! my first step prep is awaiting glue, so time to "getterdunn"