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Posted by Stretch1 | Oct 14, 2016 @ 04:13 AM | 7,754 Views
Maidened today.
(Photos are post maiden.)

RCGF 21cc Twin
Aeroplus RC Ideal tank.
16X8 APC Prop
Running Castrol Power 1 TTS at 30:1
5 X Hitec HS-5496MH servos
RCexl opto kill switch
3 X JR Gold Switch Harnesses
3 X Turnigy Nano Tech 2000MAh Lipo packs
JR R921X Receiver + 1 Satellite
Volt meters for Ignition and Receiver
Aftermarket 4" main wheels
Aftermarket tail wheel.
DIY aileron pushrods with Sullivan gold clevises
Carbon outer on exposed rudder pushrod.
After market clevis on elevator pushrod.