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Posted by Stretch1 | Jul 16, 2013 @ 10:39 PM | 14,492 Views
Plan is to build something strong, but easy to maintain/repair if damaged, that will support multiple wing/fuselage/empennage combinations

Two bolts to remove tailplane.
Two bolts to remove gear.
Wing mount will be setup for two bolt attachment/removal.

I'm thinking about a clip arrangement so a profile fuse can be installed/removed in one or two pieces. ( RC car canopy style?)

1 allen key and 1 spanner should disassemble the majority of the airframe.
Majority of bolts will be 4mm hex heads with nylock nuts.

Fuse is 19mm X 19mm , 1.2mm aluminium box.
Fuse length : 1000mm
Horizontal stab width : 520mm
Vertical stab height : 200mm
Engine mounts 12mm X 12MM , 1.5mm aluminium channel with hardwood inserts.
OS 55 AX with a 13X4 APC prop.

Wing/wing mounts next...