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Posted by Stretch1 | Jun 08, 2010 @ 05:09 AM | 16,975 Views
I had some bits and pieces sitting around...
Should be a bit more robust than a glass model.

Wings from my FlyFly ASW-28.
Fuse and tailplane based on SPAD principles:
aluminium channel fuselage with 5mm coreflute tailplane.
HS-85MGs in the ailerons.
HS-225MGs destined for the rudder and elevator.

Work continues...
Posted by Stretch1 | Jun 01, 2010 @ 01:27 AM | 15,730 Views
Spektrum AR6250 Rx
4 Cell 2000mAh Eneloop flat pack
2 X Hextronik HX5010 twin bearing standard servos.

Servos moved forward approx. 5mm.
Extra carbon spars at wing tips.
380g of integrated fixed lead ballast.
Elevons are 5mm coreflute with a shaped depron lower side.

Maidened in 65km/h plus South/South Easterly at Hollowback on Sunday.
2nd prototype stabiliser was added after initial stab creased at the base due to an "interesting" arrival while I was trimming on the second flight. (Terminating in a huge fresh cow deposit).
Started with positive reflex, now has added nose weight and negative reflex.