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"A bit more information may be appropriate. At this point in the morning, there was a low level inversion that was maybe 200 feet high. The thermal life expectancy was maybe 5 minutes from birth to death, so identifying when it was time to leave the geriatric thermal and move to a teenaged thermal was very important. Was fun to watch Bren do his thing in this challenging environment!"

J W timing for WC jr Ben at 2010 F3j, last round of fly off (15 min flight)
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I have a plan starting on next week:

Every Tuesday and Thursday: drop kids an hour earlier in Grandmom and practice the fundamentals. Hand cauch, with a beat up Topsky and launch, with the Taboo fit with Eagle Tree real time altimeter. I will have someone tape my launches and post video here with altimeter data for public analyse.

Weekend going to the contests

Swimming 2 a week, running 2 a week and bike 2x a week.

Golf exercise every morning.