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Posted by Shaun Hendricks | Jun 28, 2009 @ 05:58 PM | 7,720 Views
Well, before I get to do the electronics platform, I decided that I needed to time the motors and get them all set up for running. I had noticed that suddenly the port motor began to 'drag'. I thought it was a driveline problem, so I figured "I'll just time the motors without load and then fix the faulty driveline."

Things don't always turn out like you expect. The driveline was not the issue, the port Super400 pulled what the Super400's are famous for: magnets decoupling! They use a cheap epoxy to hold the powerful magnets in place. When one breaks loose, it imediately gums up the works or starts breaking its buddies loose. In this case, it just gummed up the works.

I was able to re-glue the magnet back in place but now the motor won't time with the other motor, its performance has been damaged. It was a used motor to begin with and had survived several crashes as the primary motor in my EZ Star. I was hoping I could break in the other motor so they ran close because the other one was brand new. Now... it looks like the concept of recycling motors isn't such a good one.

So either I change this into a single motor drive boat or change motors. I can get some inexpensive SP400 motors and go from there or even some long can SP300's that can handle 12v. Maybe do something more radical like switch to outrunner brushles.... decisions, decisions!