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Posted by birdie_in_texas | Jul 21, 2014 @ 09:20 PM | 23,163 Views
Got me one of the Adams piston"blemished" AR's from Buds..sent them a never fired bolt-action .223 as a partial trade, now **W00T!!!** New AR day!
And if there is a "blemish" on this thing, then I cannot find it!

There seems to me a learning curve to a piston gun as it is "different" yet much the same..for example, you have to dig all over the damn internet to find some quad rails that actually fit the silly thing! But Amazon to the rescue! $65 and they should be here this week!

The to mount my bipod and it is mostly finished!

I do not really hunt..but going to blast some nuisance pigs (which we have a gazillion around here) is fine. in my book. I am told the guys locally will donate the meat if we clean it and take it to a local butcher, so that is cool and you get to take out all your manly aggression and blast the heck outta stuff! hahahaha

I look forward to getting this zero'ed at a range and then maybe get out soon to blast some piggies!