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Posted by demondriver | Mar 20, 2014 @ 08:27 PM | 16,501 Views

Eight years ago I started This F3HDemon Build, I Chose My RCG Handle in Honor Of This U.S. Navy Fighter Jet and to all The Real DemonDrivers that Flew them for real.

When I started this Build In 2006 it was only my 4th scratch-built foamie.. .all my builds before that where scratched from balsa.

I started the Build thread almost a year after I actually started the Plane
I accually finished it in 2009 and almost flew it as a Bungle-Launch belly lander, then in late 2009 moved down to South Carolina put this Demon-girl on Ice.

But Now I'm in the Finial stages of getting her ready for her maiden, I have now added her retracts, and I have to add ther Balsa control surfaces, Decals, Servos, and New 5inch EDF and 120Amp ESC and Its Maiden Time!

This Thread will cover the Finial stages of This Eight year Project and Her Maiden Flight!...Continue Reading
Posted by demondriver | Mar 03, 2014 @ 12:55 PM | 15,642 Views

Project Mega-Ton is Basically my design & planning phase of a Three Jet Bomber Project, The B-52, The B-47, and B-58 Jet Bombers of the 1950's and 60's and of course the Buff is still on active duty today.

I'm starting a conversation on who would like to build one of these Jet-Babes or build one along with me or buy one of the three. What I'm hoping to do is build 2-3 of each a year and sell them.

Also I want this thread to be a think-tank on how I or we would build these Bombers.

Also I hope to turn this thread into a build Log for all three Bombers, I want your Input, Ideas, questions, and thoughts.

I'm hoping to start this Project in Late Summer possibly August and use this time to finalize my Hand drawn Plans and hammer out problems in design and manufacturing.

I will Upload some pics of my Hand Drawn plans for each Bomber. .. . Please note I'm still working out the Plans and they are still penciled and have not been "Inked-In" yet.

At the end of the Day I build RC aircraft for a living and I believe there is a HUGE demand for RC EDF Jet bombers . . . .Now Its time to see if thats true.

I wanna give props to Great RC Bomber Builders Carl Bachmuster, Dag, KFC, and Old-Sparky, Jmorgan, and Greenseaships, These Builders are Truly Great and I could Not even attempt to build these Birds without Them doing it first.

I'm Going to Build These Bombers! "So let it be written . . . . So let it Be Done"!

. . . . . .. DemonDriver