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Posted by grfcon | May 19, 2015 @ 05:35 PM | 3,944 Views
Met my good friend and his buddy up at Weldon a couple weeks ago. Pretty drive up and though cold a pretty epic spot. I can see now what all the fuss is about though I really only fly foam it was still fun to check it out and see some 400+ mph flying. Learned a lot about builds and preparation and techniques used. Lots of work to do but am looking forward to going back in the near future.
Posted by grfcon | May 05, 2013 @ 04:22 PM | 5,547 Views
too windy to fly power yesterday.. got a call from a buddy and headed up to vincent for some epic lift. as good as it gets... unlimited vertical with my warbird which needs a ton of lift to fly..backside was blown out but was able to maiden my new DanWing 48" sweet... came out at about 31 oz.... and re maiden my drongo. go the JW and the scout bee dialed in the day before... lift died and luckily brought my colibri along for some light lift.....was rocking... currently have 6 slope planes and 4 electrics in Ready to fly shape... though broke a servo horn yesterday DS ing the new danwing... other than that ready to go...
Posted by grfcon | Apr 16, 2013 @ 09:24 AM | 5,372 Views
lets see ..taxes paid. check.. get more flying in this year. check. build up the fleet... check. been getting into power planes a bit more recently. currently have 3 power planes and 5 gliders ready to fly. Had to do some repairs and actually burying in weights on my planes to keep them looking fairly sleek. Current crop of planes includes...

JW 60, Off the edge Drongo, Windrider Scout Bee, Patton Aircraft P 63 Aircobra, Art Hobby Colibri.

Power planes include,

Superfly, Polaris, Skywing Sbach 42".

Currently building a GWS P 40 Warbird electric. Then will probably throw together my 48" danwing wing.

After that, need to finish my da vinci hotliher from Jarel designs.

As for gliders I have an 80 x wing racer conventional plane as well as an
EPP extra 260 from Danwings, as well as a 60" starfire from MC Cores.

Lastly I have a Marc's Models 100 " balsa windfree kit that I need to electrify..

That will complete my fleet. I currently own everything I ever wanted to buy..just need to build some of them.
Posted by grfcon | Sep 18, 2011 @ 04:20 PM | 6,369 Views
Here are the pics of the renegade for sale. bagged blue foam wing. nick in LE.

Plane still flies great. was out at grass mountain two weeks ago with her.
Posted by grfcon | May 23, 2011 @ 10:22 AM | 6,581 Views
though I rarely get out to fly.. I got a good 3 hour chunk of sloping in with my friend Ray last week.. wind was perfect, lift was good and I flew all four of my current gliders off the edge wasp 15 oz, bruce sutters cutter flying wing now with centerfin..bout 28 oz, charlie richardson renegade, 32 oz. and my JW 65oz! bit windy for the wasp but all flew well.. I wish I could have stayed even longer but I had to get my daughter back home.. oh well was great to get out again!
Posted by grfcon | Dec 08, 2010 @ 02:01 AM | 7,257 Views
gonna sell this little ripper..goes over 60 on a 1300 mah freshly charged 3s pack ... 50 bucks shipped con us.

specs on the plane as follows

suppo 2208-12
prop apc 7x4 sport
1300 mah 3s battery
AUW just under 16 oz....

Beach Run (1 min 40 sec)

Posted by grfcon | Dec 08, 2010 @ 01:59 AM | 7,207 Views
this thing sounded awesome..was heavy though and a pain to launch... flew in in a canyon once and the sound was awesome!!!

Gary's Maiden Twin Wing Flight (5 min 7 sec)

Posted by grfcon | Dec 07, 2010 @ 04:08 PM | 7,210 Views
Started as a kid building wooden kits. Airtronics Square Soar was my first slope glider. had a Q-tee .049 powered 2 channel power plane, followed by a mach one. those .049 high performance engines were a nightmare to tune and eventually bumped up to some .10 sizes 4 channel ugly stick planes (after planting a beautiful navy blue sport trainer at full throttle into the clay due to not screwing on an aileron servo wheel.... ouch..that one still hurts!!!

Back to gliders... also learned on a few wanderers and a marks model windward... first aileron ship was dyanflite talon... great little plane... and moved over to epp when it became available. had a zagi,, then a frank cavazos boomerang..(best combat wing I ever had.. recovered in a bout 3 feet after a hit...later converted it to a twin electric....see video link below).
also had a bruce sutter cutter flying wing.. faster airfoil and a blast to fly... my one wooden plane left after I crased the talon was a charlie richardson renegade..fantastic ship..still have one. (lost one at vincent hill bout 20 years ago..all black with flourencent stripes if anyone finds it!) built an ultra sport .40 pattern ship that I recently retired...and now am almost all about epp and foams ships.

took a good 10 -12 years off (marriage, kids, etc )and now try to get out and fly when I can..though tough with a 4 year old...

Currently flyin slope and electric when I can

slope fleet JW60, Renegade, Cutter flying wing, and Off the edge wasp.

electric fleet Jarel aircraft ICON flying wing, Superfly Mantis.

in various stages of build...

slope, patton aircraft p-63 aircobra
slope/electric hotlliner jarel aircraft Davinci sailplane
electric... polaris seaplane

on deck to be built...
off the edge drongo...

mwcores 48" starfire (powered) and 60" starfire (slope)
skywing sbach 42"

last to be built... marcs models windfree... will electrify it