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Posted by Mrfox777 | Jun 16, 2020 @ 07:21 PM | 8,854 Views
Well after i updated my 360 with the newest firmware bailout update it has a bad drift forward and to the right. I used a level on a level surface with the forward programming on my dx8gen2 in an attempt to recalibrate the gyro. I have tried several times with different levels including a bullseye level on the gyro itself. No luck i cant seem to get the drift out. It either drifts forward or backwards after each recalibration. Its like the sweet spot is almost impossible to find. Is there a way in the software or the forward programming to trim the drift out. Or do i just keep recalibrating the gyro till i get it....btw my fusion 270 flys perfect......ive read a few articles aboit other spektrum systems having the same trouble but i can find a straight answer. Any help would be appreciated.