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Posted by Stobbsie | Jun 15, 2020 @ 09:40 AM | 3,006 Views
Is it the Coronavirus lockdown, general boredom or something else, I don't know.... but I have decided to try my hand at building a woodie.

I always swore, and promised "Her Indoors" that I would never enter the IOM world but maybe I will, lets see how this project works out

While trying to find something to do during these strange times I stumbled across the build log from Scratchy101 where he was building an Ellipsis from FRD in veneer. Having failed previously with an RG65 build using strip wood I decided that veneer would be an interesting project to attempt.

A few clicks later I have ordered the plans form FRD ( and a few more clicks had 30 meters of unglued oak veneer on its way to me.

I really am, I promise, not looking to build a front of fleet boat and so building perfect and light is not my prime concern. At the end I just want something that floats, performs mid fleet and on which I am relatively satisfied with how it turns out.

Who knows if I will finish the project. Lets see how I get on