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Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 25, 2020 @ 05:27 PM | 5,115 Views
Just took care of an RC plane that Iíve been working on for a few months. After yet more and more adjustments I got it to fly this morning. Not very well but it was controlled. This afternoon I was going to use a heat gun to smooth out some wrinkles in the covering. That worked but it caused the surfaces to warp. I should have realized that would happen but I didnít. So it a fit of perpetual annoyance with this belighted pile of crap I smashed it into its basic parts and threw out the useless bits. Cut my hand on a wire but it wasnít too bad. The older I get the more things like this piss me off. Im going to stop building airplanes, Iím just crap at it. Seriously thinking of trashing everything and just giving up. Itís not fun any more, itís just one failure after another, bad memories and memories of people associated with aviation that just make me more aware of my failings in everything.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 31, 2019 @ 01:02 AM | 1,687 Views
I tried to whole ďletís print an airplane ď thing again. This time itís an ECLIPSON model T. I really had to add the nose ballast on this one. Flight weight is 930g, about 100g over ideal. Iím just hoping that the plane will hold up to the stress of flight. The quality on the parts I printed isnít great.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Jun 14, 2018 @ 09:23 AM | 2,989 Views
Testing out sone new editing software, LumaFusion on the iPad.

FT Simple Cub on a sunny day (5 min 0 sec)

Posted by Capt_Kitt | Dec 03, 2017 @ 12:32 AM | 3,554 Views
I fixed up my Wilga and flew it today.
The last major fixes were:
Re-break the tail off and re-align it and add some reenforcement.
Touch up paint.
Re-glue landing gear in place
I've made a couple of mods:
Replaced the stock motor with a 2112/13T 1000KV , the standard generic gold motor.
Using a 9047 APC prop it should give around 600g of thrust. From what I observed this is about right.
3S 1000mA battery (original was 2S only)

I usually fly with a camera either high center on the wing or under the wing looking forward or sideways.

My next thing to do it add some navigational lights and maybe a belly strobe. The strobe and lights have been tested but on the ground but they make the ESC over heat and brownout. I have to explore if I can run a small BEC in addition to the one of the ECS or if I'll just forget the strobe. Its a little xenon job so its mighty bright.
Im also thinking of trying some FPV on it. I'll have to use a servo to give me a look down feature so I can see where the hell I'm at, it can get confusing up there! That might have to be on the AUX channel, bumping off the servo switch that runs the lights. So in position 0 the servo will be looking forward and level and in position 1 the servo will tilt the camera down so I can see what I'm over. Mounting it on the wing near the fuselage should work. I'll have to keep the 808 camera on the other side for balance.

North park Wilga re-maiden flight (5 min 25 sec)

Posted by Capt_Kitt | Oct 17, 2017 @ 01:15 AM | 4,194 Views
Yep, decided that it was time to add ailerons to my triplane. Itís been crashed so many times that it flys like crap, unless you want to only turn left.
Iím thinking of rebuilding the landing gear with some normal bracing and a plywood plate. It needs to be a little more forward of the CG and have some give to it.
Also, I think that pulling the top wing off and fixing the struts with better reenforcements will make for a smoother flight.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Oct 02, 2017 @ 05:17 PM | 3,511 Views
The initial flight went pretty good, only issue was that the motor fell off.
Eh, didnít put locktite on the grub screw. No harm was done.

Cuckoo maiden flight (2 min 5 sec)

Posted by Capt_Kitt | Sep 15, 2017 @ 05:31 PM | 4,369 Views
I picked up a really cheap plane from Aliexpress a few weeks ago.
( )
The link above is where I got it if you want to have a look.
I've never tried to cover a plane with Monokote or anything like that before so this is a first.
A quick work on the kit. The cuts are almost all good, there are a couple of places where you can see that the laser was bumped or snagged a little. Doesn't effect the quality at all.
Be ready for paper CA hinges. I'm not used to them so mine are very ridged and resist movement. I may have to install some Dubro hinges if the servos can't hack it.
The motor mount isn't there and probably wouldn't fit the plane anyway so you will need to scratch build that part.
The instructions are a joke, poorly written and too small to see many of the illustrations. You kind of have to wing it for most of it. Thankfully it's an easy kit....Continue Reading
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Aug 06, 2017 @ 01:33 AM | 3,645 Views
I finally got the micro biplane done and ready for its maiden flight. It weighted in a a trim 44 grams and had lots of power. Sadly it did not end well for this little guy, I suspect the motor was a little too powerful and induced a torque roll to the left and I was not able to recover in time. Total flight time was two seconds. I enjoyed building this plane, the kit was amazing easy to construct and it looked wonderful. I'll build more when I can get good deals on them but after building an all wooden plane I can really see why foam planes have made the hobby what it is today. If this were foam I'd be glueing it back together and going back to the park for another flight. As it is I have a bag of parts that will become another plane someday. I'm not going to post the clip of it's flight because it's only a few seconds long.
I got a comment on my Facebook page about my flight. The commenter noticed that me motor is spinning the wrong way to counter act the inbuilt P factor motor angle. D'oh! I'm always going to be learning new things in this hobby...
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Jul 23, 2017 @ 01:02 AM | 4,821 Views
I finally got around to building my tiny biplane this week. It's was the first solid balsa plane I've ever built and it went together pretty quick. I used superglue and accelerator so I'm guessing that helped a bunch. I know it's not the best glue for wood but it's what I had. The all up weight will be high(42g), it's supposed to use a 1S UMX motor/receiver out of a Champ but I had a AR6400LBL clone that works great.

Here is the link to the plane if anyone is curious: Reading
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Jun 30, 2017 @ 11:50 PM | 5,357 Views
This is going to be a Splatfire after the first flight...
So after hours of dodgy printing and way too much super glue, the free Spitfire is done. It was way too tail heavy so I ended up putting an extra battery and $4 worth of quarters in it to get the balance right. I think after the first 'flight' it's going to disassemble itself is a very rapid way.
Btw, here a link to the model:
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Jun 30, 2017 @ 08:21 AM | 5,202 Views
I printed out the Spitfire and now I'm waiting for a day to fly it.. It's HEAVY! Plus it's tail heavy and it's going to need more nose weight to get the center of gravity close to 33% of the chord. It's more like 45% at the moment. I know that fighters are supposed to have a neutral CG but that's a bit too much. I think the camera might help a bit, and a $1.50 in quarters. The control surfaces are foam board to reduce weight, not sure if it's going to help. I also stuck a washer under a motor mounting screw to give it a little right hand thrust to counter the torque of the prop. This is my first printed plane, its been a blast making it.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 29, 2017 @ 03:18 AM | 5,336 Views
Weird how technology works, one day your glueing wood together to make an aircraft and the next your practically growing one.
I found the files for a Spitfire RC plane and figured I'd give it a go. Nothing much of an update other than that. Oh, I'm using a Malyan M150 Prusa 3 clone for the printing. Clear PLA because that what I had on hand. I'm not expecting much out of this, not even sure if I'll stick electronics on it. I might just assemble it and get the CG set and do some glider tests.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 15, 2017 @ 02:30 AM | 5,289 Views
I was at a Goodwill this weekend and found a Greate\ Planes CG finder. It was still in its box and he all the pars. Only $4! I snatched that puppy up and took it home. Works a hell of a lot better than my finger tips!
Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 05, 2017 @ 12:01 AM | 6,339 Views
Built an explorer and rigged it for FPV. should be testing it soon.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Apr 07, 2017 @ 01:54 AM | 5,943 Views
A while back I ran across some drawings that layer out the proportions that a trainer aircraft should have. I thought that would be a fun little experiment to build a plane based on these proportions.
Wingspan is 500mm, weight is 114g, motor should have 100+ grams of thrust on a 2S 300mA battery....Continue Reading
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Mar 27, 2017 @ 05:33 PM | 6,565 Views
So I bought a little delta arm 3d printer off from a Kickstarted offer about 18 months ago. I put it together this weekend and tried to make it work.
It failed miserably. The calibration of the Z axis it almost impossible due to the fact that the screws that set the stops (!) are under the top limit switches when it finishes a test print. I'm going to go in and edit the gcode to see if I can make it not go home when it completes a print.
The whole thing is very flimsy, it shakes when the arms move.
The wiring management is almost non exsistant. All they did was use 4mm heat shrink long tubes in one or two places along each wire bundle. It's a little rats nest.
Maybe your experience was better than mine was. If you are thinking of buying one be ready for poor results and a LOT of tinkering.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Jan 03, 2017 @ 02:29 PM | 6,415 Views
I got a Flitetest Dr1 for my birthday a few months ago and I finally put it together.
It went together pretty fast, I was playing the build video and pausing it along the way. If I build another FT kit I'll watch the video all the way through first.
She's pretty good in the air, lots of mush at low speeds tho. Lots of power and the undercambered wing shoots it right up in the air if I give it full throttle. I'll have to add some down elevator mixed with the throttle if I don't want to keep doing tight loops.
Landing is fun but needs a bit of power as, like I said before, it gets a little mushy and hard to handle.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Oct 04, 2016 @ 06:47 PM | 9,232 Views
A few weeks ago I took a chance and bought a low cost 3D printer from this place called Monoprice ( ). It was $199.99 so it was expensive but nothing that would break me. It a rebadged Malyan M200 ( ) and not something that Monoprice produced themselves, no shock there. Definitely not a problem, this is a very common practice for electronics and hardware.
The build area in 120mm x 120mm x 120mm, so that's a 4.7 inch cube of space that you can cram full of PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon.. The hot end goes up to 260c and the heated bed will go to 60c. Ive done a lot of printing with PLA and haven't had too many problems. The nozzle is .4mm so it's plenty small.
I've made a couple of improvements to it. I'm using a cheap iPad mini screen protector on the bed as a build surface, gives good adhesion plus a glass like finish on the prints bottom. I new extruder because the original one broke. The arm gives out and cracks, they know it's a problem so they give you another one as a spare part. And I've printed a new knob as the stock one it too smooth and is hard to turn.
I'd recommend this as a basic intro printer but be ready to do some tweeting and adjusting to get good results. And like any tool, you need to keep it clean. A fouled nozzle can cause all sorts of problems.
Im looking to print out some plane parts, I need to brush up on my modeling skills so I can make my own designs.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Aug 30, 2016 @ 04:04 PM | 6,623 Views
I decided on giving my hat cam v 1.0 an upgrade. Gone are the days of 'hook and loop' and the 808 #16 camera. Long live the Turnegy HD action cam and GoPro knock off parts!
Pretty self explanatory, the plate is from a headband ($6 from Frys Electronics) minus the elastic bad plus four small zip ties.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | Aug 26, 2016 @ 06:32 PM | 7,812 Views
On a whim I decided to add a few lights to my new A600. I picked up a bunch of self blinking water clear white LEDs a while back and thought that they would go well on an airplane.
I used white strobe and a navigation light on the underside of each wing tip, a bright water clear white on the LE of the left wing as a landing light, and a self blinking water clear red as a position light on the underside just aft the battery door. The red and gree navigation lights were some high brightness four pin LEDs that I picked up from Radio Shack a few years ago. Everything else was gotten through either Amazon or Banggood. The nav and strobes are all on the CG so my balance shouldn't be too far out of whack.
The lights are hot glued in place and the wires (30awg) are red and blue wire wrap wire.
They are all powered from he B+,B- pads on the receiver board, it provides a nice 5V source. The total load maxes out at apx 60mA.