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I have a twin motor plane with more than its share of idiosyncrasies, a real fixer-upper with many out-of-the-box problems and many points of failure, on top of the added complexity of plane with more than one prop to spin. I also like making things way too complicated, for example using two eight channel receivers, one with a flight controller, and a dozen telemetry sensors. This particular plane, to offer it further as an example, came with two 30A ESCs when combined they can exceed 75 amps on the bench with, my opinion at least, too thin, too hot wires, and with only 2A max being fed to the receiver to power all of this and several sketchy servos. I don't even know how many hours I put into reading the rcgroups thread to find out what I needed to do and buy to fix the problems.

Well I got her airborne, and though I crashed at the end of my second flight, it was due to good ol' pilot error (excessive elevator throw), not my messing up the voltage on the BEC or bad soldering or a brown out or signal loss. That was actually comforting, messing up with the sticks, finding myself in an inverted stall too close to a tree. I put several, maybe more, hours not just into repairing it but making improvements, for example swapping out a receiver that was reporting low voltage, laying in thicker wires with better connectors, installing Durafly Tundra 40A reversible ESCs plus the Castle BEC and repairing the structural damage.

Bushmule water flight, such as it was (RC crash) (
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Just bought a new Slash 4x4 brushless and after about 12 hours decided to go Monster Slash.
Posted by Boegi82 | May 13, 2018 @ 11:27 AM | 1,590 Views
Brauche Hilfe.
Mein quanum nova pro startet nicht mehr. Ich habe den max angle von 22 auf 40 angehoben. Anscheinend hat sich dabei noch irgendetwas verstellt. Habe versucht auf vorherigen zustand zurckzusetzen. Aber das hat anscheinend nicht geklappt. Ich habe es mehrmals probiert,klappt nicht. Hat evtl jemand vom nova pro die original einstellung als datei oder besser noch eine funktionierende mit 35 oder 40 grad maximale kippung ?
Der copter leuchtet grn und rot blinkt. Wenn ich versuche zu armen dann piept er kurz und blinkt unten kurz rot, jedoch blinkt er hinten weiter rot und die motoren starten nicht.
Das video werde ich bei youtube hochladen und hier verlinken.
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Flew the M7 this morning.
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One Army
Would you believe the Air Force , Marines and Navy are part of the Army ?
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Been a while sense updating my blog. Busy with life and weather not cooperating. Finished the build. First test flight didn't go so well. With pitch channel backwards and battery strapped to the back, it did a flip. Mounted a battery plate between the landing gear and reversed the pitch channel. Now just waiting for rain to stop for second test flight. Went with a Pixhawk 2.4.8 set up, with a X8R receiver paired to a QX7 radio, and running Flightdeck for telemetery. I'm using a 10,000mah 3S battery for now. Once I get the feel for this, will look into a gimbal and camera for aerial photography. Pics bellow, and comments always welcome.
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New RC boats to my collection
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FlightZoomer 3 flown from overseas, fully automatic landing (ILS) (2 min 54 sec)

While beta testing for Flightzoomer 3 a spectacular test flight has been done with intercontinental contributions:
  • The flight was performed in Switzerland.
  • The pilot in command (Andrew Stanley) was sitting on his desk in New York and used the FlightZoomer autopilot .
  • My role was copilot/spotter/air traffic control giving Andrew instructions (vectors) how to fly the manual part of the flight (the video shows the approach).
  • During the flight we communicated using a Skype call.
See in the video how nicely this all worked!

FlightZoomer 3 is a pure software solution that runs on commercial-of-the-shelf devices (minimally a PC, a notebook or a tablet). The app(s) are currently under beta testing and will be released soon. When released, the early adopters will get the software for free.

More info on my homepage
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My latest creation is this twice-size Keil Kraft Competitor, an oldie rubber-power model that I converted to electric. Build thread here

Maiden flight video:

IMG 1812 (0 min 44 sec)

Posted by sumaxmotor | May 13, 2018 @ 12:09 AM | 3,278 Views
SUMAX MOTOR new creation.
Waterproof underwater brushless motor for RC boat submarine.
can be totally soaked in water without any function problem
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Saturday 04/12/2018 9:00 pm
Print time: 133:30hours
Print time left: 19 hours
206.6 MB of 235.6 MB
87% data printed

At 9:47pm the print height is 270.4mm (10.65 inches).
Print Time: 134:19:19
Print Time Left: 18 hours
Printed: 207.9MB / 235.6MB
88% data printed
no picture

I measured the CAD model and the print height should be 12.3 Inches (312.4 mm)

Print height rate-of-change is starting to ramp up as there is less data to print on each layer.
I'm estimating that it will be done printing about 1:00pm Sunday afternoon (04/12/2018) Happy Mother's Day!
Posted by mark_q | May 12, 2018 @ 09:58 PM | 15,449 Views

I have added two more versions of my welder. One with an arduino controlled timer to replace the momentary switch and the second one utilizing a more professional spot weld controller.

Here is more information on this welder project-
DIY Battery Pack Spot Welder

And here is my first pack assembled using this welder-
Spot Welded 3S Pack

With Arduino timer-

Utilizing the JP weld controller-
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Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Great event & great bunch of guys. Short clips from the Popham Mini Airshow in UK to celebrate International Drone Day.

Popham Mini Airshow clips (7 min 28 sec)

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So I decided to check on b4ufly and found out I lived with in 5 miles of an airport and I want to know if I have to call the airport every time I fly my hubsan h501s
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Longtime admirer of all the incredible Rc builds out there and huge respect and appreciation for those who share there tips. But seriously, not even one video exist on YouTube of anyone building a keel or assembling a rudder all Ive been able to find are a few pics of a finished rudder or keel.
Posted by kydawg1 | May 12, 2018 @ 06:44 PM | 1,581 Views
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Got in a last minute fun fly whilst getting used to my new rates. I had to slow down to check out the rainbow halfway through! Also got a good test in the shadows and dying light with the Quelima SQ12 camera at sunset and it didn't fair too badly (a bit blurry) but not as good as in full sunlight.

😎🌈😎🌈😎 Rainbow Rates Free Flow: Quelima SQ12 FPV on sub 250g ViFly Drone (2 min 38 sec)

Equipment used: Vifly R130
HD Quelima SQ12 Camera
(Note that the SQ13 has just been released on BG)
Original SQ12 footage modified using Adobe Premier Pro editor Betaflight 3.2

Music: neovaii "crash" mix
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NASA Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstration (1 min 23 sec)

The speech:

More details on kiwipedia:

After decades of rumors about such a thing, which no-one took seriously, it was finally included on the next Mars rover. The finer details had a few shockers. It uses solar charged lithium batteries, coaxial blades, has no blade shroud, & no obvious way to right itself. It weighs 4 pounds & looks quite top heavy. It's basically the exact opposite of a copter you'd expect to be sent to Mars.

The equivalent atmospheric density on Mars is 100,000ft on Earth or 3x higher than the highest a copter has ever flown on Earth. A quad copter would not be efficient enough to do the job. It's inevitably going to crash & roll over, so apparently this simple use of long legs is able to recover without human intervention. Maybe the blades can kick it upright long enough to get going or it can tumble down a hillside until it reaches a flat spot. There are still many ways it can get stuck, so it needs a major investment in autonomous programming which can avoid getting stuck.

The dark, blurry footage from JPL shows the solar panel on top of the blades blocking airflow, no obvious use of a flybar, & lots of vicon balls for tracking position. You'd think a solar panel below the blades would allow more lift & get dusted off by the airflow.

A copter that could travel great distances on solar power & recover from crashes is what we all wanted, 40 years ago. The solution seems so simple, it makes you wonder why China didn't already give hobbyists such a thing.
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King Kong ET115 Fish Story | Rescued by my Phantom 4 (6 min 31 sec)

I almost lost my King Kong LDARC ET115 while flying FPV in a new spot the other day. Good thing I had my Phantom 4 with me.
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My stock Veles 29 hitting 80 with ABC prop.

Pro Boat Veles 29 stock hits 80mph!! (4 min 11 sec)