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Ok , looks like I have found an issue with the CG making the A160 a little touchy feely !

Looking inside the battery bay , there was a bump in the foam ( from the moulding ) ..
I got some steel wire , heated one end up ( red hot ) and melted away the bump / protrusion ..

Now the battery slips in further forward . But it's a real slop fit !
So I got some 3mm depron scrap and glued it to one side of the battery bay .
Now the battery is a non slop fit with just a small amount of friction grip .

And for the heck of it , a picture of my micro Rx and servos that replaced the flight control board .

A160 has been handled a lot - paint peeling ! Things needed fixing .....
Posted by old4570 | Today @ 05:58 PM | 332 Views
XK A160 with more down thrust (7 min 43 sec)

I may have previously mentioned !
That I removed the motor+ mount and rotated it 180deg for more down thrust !

Because - When I applied power , the nose would lift and the A160 would climb seriously hard over 50% throttle ..
Up to 50% was ok but once I wanted more ( like 100% ) the A160 just lifted it's nose .

Rotating the motor mount seems to have seriously improved things . I did change my elevator setting causing the A160 to climb . I did put in some down trim , but looks like I have to go back where I was .. But never the less a serious improvement .

Having solved one issue , looks like CG might be next . It does hunt up and down a bit and drag it's beehive in turns ( signs of a rearward CG )
Oh well ! Not the end of the world ( like the death spiral ) . I will have to see if I can push / make room . for the battery further forward .

Playing with the CG
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In the 1920s biplane "barnstorming" was going full tilt. A surplus of Standard J1s and Curtiss Jennys had flooded onto the civilian market after WWI and brought the concept of barnstorming with it. As the old surplus biplanes that were only intended for pilot and copilot tired out, there was a big demand for a biplane which seated two in the front cockpit. Throughout the 20s many new companies and models sprouted up to fill this void. Among them were the Travel Air, Waco 9 and 10, Alexander Eagle Rock, Swallow, Command Aire, and the Stearman C3. But in 1928 in Glendale, Brooklyn, New York built by Brunner-Winkle Aircraft Corp., there emerged a new type. The Bird Model A as it became known. With a handsome (and uncommon on civilian production airplanes) "tunnel cowling" housing the radiator and a wing design that neared a sesqui-plane design with most of the lifting area being on the top wing, the Bird was an attractive airplane to look at. Particularly for a Curtiss OX-5 V8 powered airplane, many of which had big forward facing radiators ruining their looks. The airplane was debuted at the Cleveland Air Races in 1929 to a warm reception. After a production run of 85 airplanes, near the end of 1929 a new model of Bird was announced. With the supply of surplus OX-5s running thin and air cooled radials taking precedence, a new power plant was in order. The Bird Model BK was unveiled with a Kinner K-5 radial 5 cylinder producing 100hp (10hp more than the OX-5)...Continue Reading
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RCLCP Podcast | | Unboxing and Review (16 min 56 sec)

Our good friends (and sponsors) over at sent us a care package! Many batteries, accessories, and a special gift for Stephen!

We've been using these batteries for a few months now, and are super pleased with the results and performance! Even in the cold Utah months. The construction of the batteries is solid and the connections are all clean. The shape, fit, and weight of these batteries are great!

A few months of flying isn't much, but we have not seen any indication of wear or puffing of the batteries yet. Overall, we are super pleased with the Liperior batteries and would highly recommend them to anyone! They are a great battery at an amazing price!

Be sure to tune into our episodes for discount codes on your orders thru!

Links to what we got:
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Product : SPCMAKER Mini Whale HD Pro 78mm F4 2-3S Whoop FPV Racing Drone PNP BNF w/ 1103 10000KV Motor 25/400mW VTX RunCam Split 3 Micro 1080P Camera - Frsky
Price : $142 to $155
Link :

Go straight to the video below to watch my explanation on why the "Sorry."
Do subscribe if you have not done so!
New 2021 SPCMaker Mini Whale HD Pro - Honest Review (7 min 56 sec)

Design - What do you think? Don't you think this is a very good looking mini cinewhoop! Compare to the previous version, this has the motors and propellers beneath!
Name: spc maker mini whale hd pro (2).jpg
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Size: 198.4 KB
Description: Name: spc maker mini whale hd pro (3).jpg
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Size: 199.5 KB
Description: ...Continue Reading
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A couple of weeks ago, I found the Wltoys 12404 Rc car online. However, there were no reviews on it, so I picked one up from Gearbest, and this is my review of it. First of all, I received it with two days shipping, and it arrived perfectly fine and on time. It costs just $75, so I set my expectations pretty low.

Here is a list of what is included:

- A cross wrench for the wheels

- An extra pinion and spur gear

- A charger

- A rechargeable battery

- Userís manual

- The radio

- The Car itself

I will just go from the top. First of all, the cross wrench is just plastic and might wear out over time. However, I didnít find any need for it, as the wheels stay on pretty tight out of the factory. Next, there are two extra gears. They are plastic, but hold up fine. I have not counted the teeth, but I would assume they are the same as stock. They are pretty easy to install if you feel the need to.

Now, the userís manual I received was in pretty bad shape, and had quite a few tears. I am assuming it is just a one off. Most of the information was standard, although there were some very useful blown-up diagrams of the insides of the car. There is also a full listing of spare parts in the manual. I donít know whether or not they are available as of now, but I havenít needed any anyways.

The charger is very standard of Wltoys, not to say that is a bad thing. It comes with a euro plug, so if you are in North America, like I am, you will need to request an...Continue Reading
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Eachine Airloader! This is my new favorite looking plane of year 2020! Instantly felt in love with the look and it being a twin tractor!

Product : Eachine Airloader 1280mm Wingspan Twin Motor Three Motor EPP Ultra Long Range FPV Plane RC Airplane KIT/PNP - KIT
Price : $146.99 for KIT and $196.99 for PNP
Link to get one :

*Disclaimer : this is a review unit provided by Banggood

Despite the brand name Eachine, this is actually designed by the same LTE owner/designer who licensed it for sale to Eachine only.

I get it if some think this is an ugly plane especially with that large opening at the front. Beauty is subjective. Me I think it's the best looking FPV plane from LTE with that evil droid/robot like fuselage from the future. With that Twin Tractor setup, it makes hand launching a piece of cake! You will understand when you have one like the Xuav Clouds and Albabird! I fell in love with it instantly and requested for a review unit from BG which they gladly obliged. Thank you!
Name: Eachine Airloader design.jpg
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Size: 129.4 KB

Below is a temporary setup. I want to go light for maiden so there's only 4S 3000mAh in it. It's definitely designed to carry a lot of batteries/mAh to go for long range.
Name: Eachine Airloader design 2 (1).jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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The LTE Rambler RS! Everyone online knows about this Forward Swept Wing in 2020 because of the fight between two YouTubers. I'm gonna put up my honest actual experience here.

Product : LTE Rambler RS EPP 1000mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane Sweepforward Wing PNP/KIT White - Kit
Price : $119-143 for KIT & $188 for PNP
Link :

* Disclaimer : purchased with my own money

Spec :
Wing type : Forward Swept Wing
Wingspan : 1000mm
Material : EPP Foam

Firstly the outlook, some may like it some may not, but I like all its line of design from the designer, it looks rather futuristic. Example the Dart XL, Dart 250, Airloader and etc. Rather boxy front fuse but doesn't seem to affect the aerodynamic or efficiency. I had mine rather naked. It will probably look better with fins and stickers put on later.
Name: LTE Rambler RS Design (1).jpg
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Description: Name: LTE Rambler RS Design (2).jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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2 solid days of CAD modeling yielded another attempt to address the ergonomics. It may be that ambidextrous controllers can never be comfortable. Most of the work was making it thicker & a constant thickness. If anything, this made it easier to fit all the electronicals, model, & get rid of the shaft holes. It didn't make it any more obviously comfortable. A mane goal is to keep the thumb & fingers from interfering, which making it thicker may do.

Then, an attempt to widen it to 47mm failed. 42mm may be the widest that fits in a lion paw. It definitely got taller to 160mm. The new design has no holes for shafts. The speed paddles got closer together, which definitely made them easier. The mane change was moving the steering 10mm farther from the throttle. The original was definitely too much miniaturization at the expense of comfort.

Most of a lion's life is spent with the throttle fully depressed & the tiniest pressures being exerted on the steering. Only during the rare maneuvers do the ergonomics start to impact.
Posted by JASON580 | Yesterday @ 10:13 PM | 3,315 Views
Hey Guys. Looking for suggestions on rates and expos as per experience with flying this plane others than what it says in the manual. Also settings for landing flaps or takeoff flap settings, elevator mix with flaps etc. thank you. Will be using a DX8E and upgraded to SAFE AR636 receiver. 5000mah lipo. Thanks
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There is still a lot of snow on the model flying field and the Hotel Glocknerhof and the model flying school are closed, but in April we will start the new season.

The model flying field can be used from March to October. Let's go on a model flying holiday to Austria!

In the model flying school, Marco will be offering helicopter courses with 700 and 550 helicopters from this year: April to October 2021,

Marco has prepared a special highlight for the glider towing weeks from 17 to 24 April 2021 and from 20 to 24 September 2021: From this year, in addition to the Swisstrainer, the brand new Cessna 180 with a 4 m wingspan from "Modellbau Bruckmann" will also be used to tow the gliders. We are already looking forward to it:

If you would like to try hang gliding, then you should come to the hang gliding seminar in spring from 11 to 16 April 2021 or in autumn from 12 to 17 September 2021:

Would you like to have a beautiful model aircraft professionally built by an experienced model builder?

If you just need help setting up or flying in your new model planes or helicopters, we are also happy to help.

Hope to welcome you this year!

Best regards,
Family...Continue Reading
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How to install a pull-spring setup on a DLG (2 min 16 sec)

It's challenging and fiddly but it is the best way to connect the rudder and elevator of your DLG to the servos. Here is a how-to for a pull-spring setup.
Posted by GroundControlRC | Yesterday @ 08:45 AM | 5,009 Views

Eachine Mini Mustang P51D Expert Mode TX16S - High Wind Aerobatic Terror Fun! DustOff Flights 9 & 10

Get One Here: Eachine Mini Mustang P51D Warbird RTF

Get One Here: RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Eachine Mini F4U Corsair

Eachine Mini T-28 Trojan

Volantex Sport Cub 500

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Here's a Link to the Playlist for the Eachine Mini P51D Mustang:

Spare Parts:

Lipo Battery 1S 360mAh for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Brushed Motor 10mm Hollow Cup for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Prop 130X70mm Propeller Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Gearbox for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Receiver Board Original 4 CH Onboard Servo for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Front Landing Gear Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D...Continue Reading
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So recently, one of my E-tracts I got from MotionRC decided it was going to fail (thankfully, it did not happen in the air). After spending some time trying to diagnose the issue, I found that one of the limiter switches broke. Unfortunately, I didn't have any micro switches that fit, so I had to move to plan "B".
One of the first things I had to do was make sure there was continuity between the motor case and the Jack-screw, but not between the case and the circuit board; Otherwise, there would be an unwanted loop causing even more damage. After that, I stole a small spring from another switch: soldered a wire to it, and superglued it to the frame. The wire from the spring went to one side of where the old switch was. At this point, there was still no complete circuit; So I soldered another wire to the other side of where the old switch was, and routed it to the motor case. In theory, whenever the Jack-screw pushed the slider into the spring, it would act as a limit switch and complete the circuit. After I reassembled it and plugged it in... it worked as if it had never failed!!!
(see pictures for reference)
Posted by Leadchucker | Jan 17, 2021 @ 10:08 PM | 6,765 Views
For something different I've embarked on the construction of a small size trebuchet for who knows what reason other than mere fascination . Parts are cut from common 2" x6" ripped on table saw to 1 1/2" square. Gussets are 1/4" 5 ply aircraft birch ply so they look good. The counterweight bucket and the load slide will be made from white pine and the throwing arm is already made of the same white pine. Half lap notches interlock the main parts and the gusset connect the rest.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Jan 17, 2021 @ 06:54 PM | 7,095 Views
With no payload, it managed the required 10mph on level ground, but slowed way down on a slight uphill. There are hillier routes for more testing. With a 2lb payload, it managed the required 6.66mph on the standard road grades. The 6.7 mile effort burned 280mAh/mile, more typical for the lunchbox. PID adjustment for throttle might be in need. Getting more performance numbers requires implementing the speed paddles, which requires dealing with android studio.

Some TPU bumpers were a desperately needed safety feature. Angle aluminum ends at 10mph are lethal. Even better would be some cubertruck front end, but lions only have black TPU. Maybe a PLA cybertruck front end could be adhered to TPU cushions. Lions bash it into curbs all the time, so TPU is a better option.

Lions are keeping an eye open for a cheap pancake motor. These motors were selected for the lunchbox tire diameter, but wider motors with thinner tires would be more ideal.
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jan 17, 2021 @ 01:07 PM | 7,911 Views
This is the flight of my FlightLine 1.2m Hawker Sea Fury FB.11, jamming to All Along The Watchtower (Cover) by Playing For Change.

The FlightLine 1.2m Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 (5 min 1 sec)

I used the following parts to make my own "Hawker Sea Fury Sport Power Set FLW20113" that is being sold by Motion RC and installed it:

1) FlightLine 3648-880KV Brushless Motor
2) APC 12x8E Propeller (Dynamically Balanced)
3) Dubro 3" Spinner (Dynamically Balanced)

Using a Roaring Top 4S 3300mAh 70C Lipo (358 grams), I also added 2.25 ounces of flat self-stick ballast weights hidden in the nose section to balance to the recommended CG.

What was already a great warbird is now even better!

Pilot: Me
Cameraman: Brad Lupher

Thanks for Watching!