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Posted by DizzyDuck | Dec 06, 2013 @ 12:22 PM | 4,609 Views
Okay so Having had some degree of succes with my Topsky I've decided to get serious with this hobby and start building from scratch.

Thought the best place would be with some tail sets. so off we go.

I've found some nice 4mm thicks sheets of xps from my local diy store, it's actually laminate floor underlay but sands beautifully and doesn't soak up resin so i'm going to use this unless/until I run out or something else comes along.

After a few false starts I've finally managed to get a set that look like they might work. Piccies to follow. However they are a bit on the heavy side Vstab alone came out a 11g the blank was only 3g so must be too much resin,with horizontal at 16g..

27g for a tail set ( waaaaaay to heavy so i'm going to try a different layup process.and see how that goes)

More details if you look at the comments