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Posted by Loukhan | Jun 23, 2013 @ 10:07 AM | 8,612 Views
As most of us, I wanted to be like the guys in the movies. diving in on an enemy plane and letting loose the lead. Being 5'2" that was never going to happen. So, next best thing-sonic combats. I replaced the rx's on 2 super cubs and put in the combat modules. In the course of doing this I've had enough spare parts donated/bought to build up 4 combat cubs. I leave the bind plugs in (on and extention cable) so that anyone in the group that wants to do it, just has to bind up. It's been great fun. I mount #16 keychain cams in front of the rudder and the vids are great.
*remember to spay and neuter your planes*...Continue Reading
Posted by Loukhan | Feb 21, 2013 @ 02:40 AM | 5,315 Views
So far I've made 1.5 runways. The first was done sole by be. The second, I used flags to mark and some of the guys I fly w/raked it out. I then went in w/a sled I made to scrap it. The sled was a pallet that I mounted 2 bars of angle iron to. I got them at true value hardware for $8ea. I used tie down straps to pull it with. It worked well enough but there are small erosion points that have been my main concern re landings.
The first runway is 175' by 30'.
The second is 130' by 20'.
first pic is runway 1 pits
pic 2 is runway 2
pic 3 is before runwy 1
pic4 is runway 1 before lengthening another 70'
pic 5 is runway 2 taken from the pits
pic 6 is runway 1 pits
pic 7 is looking east on runway 1 after rmodel
Posted by Loukhan | Feb 10, 2013 @ 08:31 PM | 9,901 Views
I got the Hurricane the day before it went on sale, of course. I took a few hours (in the evenings) total over a week to put here together. I followed the manual and used some suggestions from the thread. My maiden was the easiest I've ever had. Just a couple clicks ail and 1 click rudder had her dialed in.
I've only got 6 total flights so by no means is she seasoned, but she is fast becoming my favorite plane. Take offs are beautiful, flight is like it's reading my mind, and landings are smooth as silk....Continue Reading
Posted by Loukhan | Jan 20, 2013 @ 06:38 PM | 9,859 Views
So here are some pics of my Stuka w/the mods I've done. hope you enjoy, ill be doing some better photos soon.
Posted by Loukhan | Jan 14, 2013 @ 12:57 PM | 9,634 Views
I had always liked watching rc planes and tried a you-control one once. My mom had gotten me a cox PT-19. It probably would have been fun if my grandfather had been the teaching/mentor type but he wasn't. it took forever to get started, cracked the hell out of your knuckles, and didnt stay running for long. i actually got it in the air for a couple of spins and then the line broke and she met mother earth. Out of frustration, my grandfather threw it in the trash, GREAT INTRODUCTION to the hobby.
A neighbor friend of the family was into RC plane building. When we would go visit them, I'd just stand in the workshop in awe. i was into model building but this was WAY more than that and frankly intimidated me. i couldnt see spending a month+ building a plane to have it crash after a very short time. so i got into other things. In Okinawa, I got into rc cars and raced at the Del Mar track after I got out of the Marines.
I started flying about a year ago. I got an MQX just for fun and didn't like the stock controller so I got a DX6- much better control but it opened the door to too many things. I then picked up a micro T-28. I flew/crashed/rebuilt this little plane till I thought that this is a lot easier than I had thought/been told. I surely was ready for what I had been shooting for all along, a large warbird.
Being a prior active duty Marine I had to go w/the parkzone Corsair. Silly little man! This did NOT go well for me, (or the Corsair). So, on the shelf she went (...Continue Reading