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Posted by Daddyman1 | Jun 16, 2012 @ 02:10 PM | 5,160 Views
Well, tomorrow is the maiden flight of my Eflite extra 300 32e. Ran it around on the Tarmac today for 2 batteries just to burn some amps. Will have to recheck the radio and the batteries are recharging this afternoon. Will take the PZP47 and the PZ extra 300 tomorrow also. Wind is supposed Ito be 2 mph so dawn patrol should be awesome.
Flying today (June 16 w2012) was good early but the wind came up around 8:30 and it got bumpy after that. Tomorrow the wind is blowing directly down the runway so it will be perfect. No damage from today's flying session so prep for tomorrow is routine.
Putting together field box with simple tools, repairs and parts....props and the like. Should be able to fit the charger in the box also. Lglue, tape, screwdrivers exacto needle nose stuff like that. At the pool now and there are 3 other people here....a crowd for our pool. Normally we are alone.