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Posted by AILERON8 | Jan 01, 2018 @ 01:43 PM | 12,018 Views
I'm working on a project to simplify the process of modeling quadcopter dynamics for the average pilot so one could in theory estimate how components and/or frames influence flight. My objective is to make the model as accurate and user friendly as possible while using common product spec data that's freely available for parts users might actually purchase for their racing/freestyle quads. The intent of this project is not to build a tool for in-depth scientific research, rather for practical cause & effect analysis that may or may not save folks money or wasted effort before building their next quadcopter. I make no promises about the accuracy of this tool and welcome any suggestions folks may have for its improvement.

The basis for this project came from Quad Star Drones and Mini Quad Test Bench, along with test data from EngineerX, and many other websites & white papers throughout the internet. I will attach formulas & conceptual sources as they become available.

In it's current state the kinematics of velocity, acceleration, distance traveled, impulse, jerk & yank are being calculated by a simple MS Access database utilizing a straightforward gui for users to enter their frames, LiPo info, motors, props, and other miscellaneous data pertinent to linearly approximating the applicable forces involved one recursion at a time. The primary fudge-factor in the tool is the drag force Cd, which should be calibrated for unique frame styles using known speed data....Continue Reading