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Posted by Justinfpv250 | Dec 10, 2016 @ 12:26 PM | 3,179 Views
I was intrigued by the stretched x frames and it was right around the same time that I was putting alot of emphasis on fff altitude control. The theory behind the stretched frames was what I was looking for - a frame that provides more stable pitch control. This is due to 2 main reasons from what I can gather, weight distribution across the pitch axis rather than centralized or across the roll axis. The other is the air flow over the props, moving the motors further apart on the pitch axis allows the rear motors to have cleaner air flow over the rear props. Normally the rear props are hit by "dirty air" that has turbulent properties from the air flow hitting the front props first then rolling to the rear. The second is purely theoretical as I don't think anyone has done any scientific tests of this yet.
Anyways, I went with Detroit Multirotors stretched frames as I really like the designs durability of there carbon. I went with there original frame the whippet and then they released another slimmed down v2 version. V1 is running the dys 2205-2750kv motors w/RK 5051 props, dys xs30 esc's, demonsoul f4 fc with raceflight, demoncore v2.3 pdb, hs1177 and TBS unify pro HV. V2 is running Rotorgeeks 2205-2700 motors w/RK 5051 props, dys xs20 esc's, raceflight revolt fc, demoncore v2.3 pdb, hs1190, TBS unify pro HV (pics have spf3 fc's in both machines but have been swapped out as of couple weeks ago). Both are powered by 1300mah 4s adrenaline lipos from Thunderpower RC.
I am a big fan of the stretched frames now for racing. Is it just hype or here to stay? Regardless I'll be running them from now on for my racing setups as I've been able to really step up my skills recently since I switched over. Oh and the raceflight revolt and demonsoul fc's are the best racing fc's I've tried.
Posted by Justinfpv250 | Aug 09, 2016 @ 06:22 PM | 4,038 Views
This is the latest machine in my fleet, I used the Mia-X frame designed by my buddy Alle Rovillard here in Toronto. Also tested out the new Fatshark Dominator SE goggles which I'm very impressed with. The goggles are very similar to my Dominator V2's but with a larger display. The resolution isnt as high as the hd's display but also doesn't do the blurry edge thing the hd's do. As for the quad, the blheli_s esc's make this thing feel smooth as silk! The dys SE motors are really powerful making this an incredibly fast and agile build. Very happy with how it turned out.

Build specs:
Mia-X 5" frame
Dys SE2205-2550kv motors
Dys XS30a blheli_s esc's
Brf3 FC w/raceflight
Foxeer Arrow hs1190
200mw 40ch vtx
Triumph antenna
Posted by Justinfpv250 | Apr 28, 2016 @ 12:15 AM | 4,096 Views
I've been busy with builds these past couple of months. I've been helping out a few local Toronto fpv hobby shops and doing lots of tests and reviews. I was also just recently notified by Thunderpower RC that I've been added to there list of new Team pilots, thanks for the opportunity and support!

Some of the recent new builds:

Lumenier QAV-R 5" 4mm frame
Naze32 rev5 w/betaflight fw
Fvt lb30a esc's w/multishot fw
Emax Redbottom RS2205-2600kv motors w/5040 props
HS1177 mini cam
FX-799t vtx
True RC antenna
4s 1800 mah lipos

Pats Mini H Quads - Highwind X5
SPF3 w/betaflight fw
Fvt lb20a esc w/blheli fw
Rotorgeeks 2204-2300kv motors w/5040 tri props
700tvl micro fpv cam
Fx-799t vtx
Aomway antenna
4s 1300 mah lipos

Lumenier QAV-180
Naze32 rev5 w/betaflight
DYS XM20 esc w/multishot fw
Cobra motors 2204-2300kv w/4045 tri props (edit: changed to rotorgeeks 2205-2700kv)
Sony Pz0420m fpv cam
Fx-799t vtx
Vas antenna
4s 1300mah lipo

Next Build in the Hangar:
Lumenier QAV-R 4"
Kiss fc
DYS XM20 esc w/multishot
Emax RS2205-2600kv motors w/4045bn tri/quad props
full fpv
4s 1300mah lipos
Posted by Justinfpv250 | Mar 16, 2016 @ 11:27 AM | 5,162 Views
Just finished finally putting together my build using the kiss fc and 24amp race esc's
I wasn't sure about how to do the layout with all the wiring so its not the neatest. I wanted to do a dry run to get a feel for the build. I'll go back and redo the wiring but for now heres a few pics of the quad. I was disappointed that i couldnt use the esc carroer but it gave me a chance to use the Demon core pdb at last. The carrier is suitable for a zmr or 250 and above size frames that have the wodth and soace to fit it neatly. This was actually a really fun process of learning new gear and using a different approach to assembly compared to what I'm used to. Frame is an ls-210, Rotorgeeks 2204 2300kv motors, micro 700tvl camera, fx795t vtx and i'll be using the d4r-ii rx. And yes it will be a 4s beast!
Posted by Justinfpv250 | Mar 14, 2016 @ 09:30 PM | 4,939 Views
I just noticed everyone posts pics of builds they've done so I figured I'd post some pics of some of my quads. I'll put up more pics and vids of other builds soon but for now here's a few that I have on my laptop.

Armattan F1-5 - 4s (Review will be published on OscarLiang.net soon)
- Integrated fc/pdb
- little bee 20 amp esc's w/ external 25v 470uf caps
- Emax mt2205II-2300kv / 5040 bn props
- pz0420m 600tvl super had wdr camera
- d4r-ii rx / forever tubes
- ts5823s mini vtx / aomway antenna

LS-210 - 4s
-Naze32 rev5 fc
- little bee 20 amp esc's / 5 & 12v flitered pdb w/ external 25v 470uf caps
- Rcx 2206-2250kv / 5045 bn props
- d4r-ii rx / forever tubes
- pz0420 600tvl super had wdr camera
- ts5823s mini vtx / aomway antenna

Mojo 180 (tweaker clone) - 3s/4s
- Naze32 rev5 fc
- little bee 20 amp esc's / 5 &12v flitered pdb w/ external 25v 470uf caps
- Rotorgeeks 2205-2700kv / 4045 triple bn props
- d4r-ii rx / forever tubes
- fatshark 600tvl cmos camera
- ts5823s mini vtx / aomway antenna

Zmr 250 - 4s
- Naze32, integrated pdb w/ micro minim osd/ external 25v 470uf caps
- RG20 esc's
- Rcx 2206-2250kv / 5" & 6" props
- d4r-ii rx / forever tubes
- pz0420m 600tvl super had wdr camera
- Immersion 600mw vtx / Immersion spironet antenna (pic of aomway)

Current Build:
Frame will either be another 210 or hybrid custom - 4s
- Kiss FC
- Kiss 24 amp race esc's / Demon Core pdb / exzternal caps?
- Rotorgeeks 2204-2300kv / 5040 triple blade props
- d4r-ii rx
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Posted by Justinfpv250 | Jan 01, 2016 @ 02:32 PM | 6,731 Views
First off, Happy New Year everybody! 2016 looks to be a fantastic year for our hobby especially the world of multirotors and fpv. It is now officially confirmed that I will be joining Oscar Liang on his awesome blog site to do my own reviews and tests along with co-writer Artur Banach. I will do my best to write the best possible pieces to give you the best information. I am extending an open invitation to you and anyone else out there to suggest any product reviews or if you are a maker, diy expert to give us your thoughts (and products to test ) as to what you would like to see reviewed on the site. Thank you to Oscar Liang for allowing me to be a part of his great site and to many of you who already follow him. You can comment here on any suggestions or pm me. Thanks and happy RC 2016!
Posted by Justinfpv250 | Dec 13, 2015 @ 09:22 PM | 5,158 Views
Well I've finally decided to join the rcgroups forum as it's been a wealth of information for myself and others. A bit about myself, I've been involved with the RC hobby for the past 20 plus years since I was 14 years old. I started off with electric buggies and then got into electric stock car oval racing. I became sponsored when I was only 15 by some very open minded folks and companies across the US and Canada. A group of local racers in Toronto and I would travel to as many events as we could possibly afford to across the US and Canada. Life started to become more complicated and when I was 19 I made the decision to put my love for the hobby on the back burner. A few years went by and that love for the hobby was burning! I found out my brother in Japan had gotten into the world of nitro trucks and had gained sponsorship with HPI and some other nitro companies. He sent me a tricked out Savage SS he used for jumping competitions as well as an on-road nitro car and that blew the lid off my love for the hobby again. My father used to fly model airplanes when I was just a baby so I knew flying was stuck somewhere in my genes. Come the year 2013 and I saw my first multirotor drone, wow, I couldn't believe my eyes and it was radio controlled of all things! I bought an estes protox then a dromida ominus, syma x5, blade 200, 350qx3 and then remembered my love of building rc racing cars when I was younger. Since then my every waking moment is spent thinking about building and...Continue Reading