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Posted by Sneer82 | Sep 17, 2015 @ 07:58 PM | 8,372 Views
The idea
Recently I came up with an idea of building a Trifecta tricopter for some aerial filming, using "Follow me" mode etc.
When I started looking for the best controller to do the job, quite quickly I realized that a Pixhawk would be the best choice.
This is simply because Ardupilot has the best implementation of GPS, and practically it is the only software that has the "follow me" function that I wanted.

Unfortunately, Pixhawk was simply too big and too heavy for my frame. Measuring 82x50mm, it was over twice the size compared to all other mini controllers Trifecta has been designed to use.

Looking for options, I came across first posts about Pixfalxon Micro PX4. I immediately liked it, because it was just perfect solution to my problem. A fully compatible Pixhawk derivative in a mini size? Yes, please! I have contacted Kelvin Lee (thanks to his email i've found on his youtube videos for Pixfalcon) and was able to purchase a set before it was officially available on the market. Shipping was very quick, and it got delivered in less than a week via DHL.

First impressions
Upon arrival, I was surprised to see that all components came in a proper retail packaging.
That was nice change as most of the products purchased directly from china come without any packaging and usually just wrapped inside white foam thing.

The kit I purchased from Kelvin Lee consisted of four parts:
- The PixFalcon controller
- Neo-M8N GPS / Compass
- PDB with...Continue Reading