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Posted by Neil Stainton | Jan 21, 2007 @ 02:03 PM | 39,892 Views
Please email me on [email protected]
Or phone/message/WhatsApp me on my mob: +44 7821 351341
Or Skype me on neil.stainton

Web sites I am involved with: - my bespoke software and web site design company. - my web shop selling electric gliders, sailplanes and accessories by Vladimirs Models, StarFlight, WsTech, Pitlab, and others. - the site promoting the 200m height limited electric thermal soaring rules that Martin Bell recently had approved by the BMFA.

Notable RCGroups Threads:

Using MotoCalc to find the optimum prop for an electric glider.

Adding a canopy hatch to a sheath nosecone glider

Testing a Mega 16/25/4 motor.

Also many people like my Google Spreadsheet for finding the new pitch of a prop when using twisted folding prop yokes.

I live near Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Although I am now an IT developer, I started off in the Aero industry and I have been an aeromodeller since I was 7, starting R/C when I was 14. I have always loved gliders and by the age of 18 I had a 10ft Kyosho Cirrus which I mainly flew off a bungee. I was also enthusiastic about electric power so I converted it to electric with two Graupner High Fly pusher motors, and ten Saft AA sized NiCd cells. It flew fine, though it was a bit too heavy to thermal well.

I flew some thermal soaring comps in the late 70's, but stopped aeromodelling in the 80's. I flew full size gliders for several years, getting to Silver C level,...Continue Reading