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Posted by rsilk | Aug 03, 2019 @ 07:28 AM | 2,517 Views
I have been gradually adding various peripherals to the FC in preparation before installing in a model (TBD).
Adding the SiK radio allows me to easily edit parameters without using a computer. I use Qgroundcontrol on my Android phone.
I made a cable connecting a 4 wire servo connector to a 6 pin DF13 (in my case a JST for the Hobbyking radios).
Red: 5v to 5v
Black: Ground to Ground
Yellow: R1 to radio TX
Green: T1 to radio RX

Posted by rsilk | Jul 14, 2017 @ 03:18 PM | 4,830 Views
I have been playing with Clearview on the iPad and they have a PC based version (Java) which is around $40. I wanted to use the trusty 9XR Pro but did not want to be tethered to the computer, so went looking for a wireless solution.

What I found was the Orange ORX USB Wireless dongle (Frsky protocol) which I got from Hobbyking for around $15. This device has a Frsky D series compatible receiver and appears to the PC as a HID game controller. They also sell a DSMx protocol version.

My situation was slightly complicated since I have a Macbook running Parallels with Windows 7.

The first step is to bind the dongle with transmitter which in my case is an XJT. The dongle works in D8 mode, so I changed the dip switches on the XJT to match. However, after getting everything working, I put the switches back to X16 -- and it still worked!?

You need to press the button on the dongle when inserting it, presumably to put it in bind mode since the blue light flashes.

I made sure that I could see the new USB device in Windows in the game controller control panel and noticed that Windows installed a suitable driver for it.

On the radio, I created a new model using the basic 4 channel template. Then I went to "Protocol" page and set:
External Module ON
Proto XJT
RxNum {unused #}
Type D8
Chans 8
I saved the model and went back to the Protocol page and hit Bind. I have to admit I had a few attempts at binding, but at some point the blue light on...Continue Reading