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OWLRC Upgraded 5.8GHz RC Antenna SWR Meter V2 With TFT 2.8 Inch Touch Screen Built-in 200mw Transmitter

OWLRC Antenna SWR Meter V2. Бюджетный КСВ-Метр. Banggood (11 min 33 sec)

Link: SWR Meter V2
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Hi, all. This is a build of the FPVWRA Spec Wing kit from Wind Catcher RC. Departures from the stock build are cutting down the winglets (for personalization mostly), cutting foam windows out of the tips (saved only 10g of weight so it ended up just being aesthetic I guess), and using the vi3telit3 motor mount found here. I also put the camera on a pan servo since I like flying that way much more, but it definitely increases drag and decreases durability.

Turnigy D2826-6 2200Kv motor/ APC 6x5.5 prop
Turnigy F30 ESC
Nano-tech 3s 2200mAh battery
Corona DS939HV servos
Frsky RX4R Rx
RDQ Mach 1 VTx
Foxeer Arrow micro cam

AUW...Continue Reading
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Xiaomi Fimi A3 review. This Xiaomi FIMI A3 5.8G 1KM FPV With 2-axis Gimbal 1080P Camera GPS RC Quadcopter Drone RTF review includes follow me, orbit, selfie, cinematic mode, fixed wing mode, sport mode, speeds & low battery warning features & functions tested. You can see the other functions & flight test in Part I of my review of this.

You can get this great value Xiaomi FIMI A3 5.8G 1KM FPV With 2-axis Gimbal 1080P Camera GPS RC Quadcopter Drone RTF here:

Use this Discount coupon code: BGFIMIA31
expiry date: 2019-09-30

Xaiomi Fimi A3 review - Functions & Features tests (Part II) (14 min 32 sec)

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New sailplane LAK 17a
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Back in my nitro days batteries had a red wire and a black wire, ONLY! Now my batteries are coming in with a little pigtail connector in addition to the big wires. What's the purpose of these (very tiny) wires and connector? Thanks, George.
Posted by yosemitez | Sep 12, 2019 @ 12:59 PM | 903 Views
brainfpv radix crossfire widget use
Posted by Doug Simmons | Sep 12, 2019 @ 11:14 AM | 857 Views
I lit out to build a Funcub for towing purposes that had an absurd amount of power to haul relatively large gliders, the club workhorse, and I've got strong success to report. (The reason for going with the classic Funcub was that I can toss it in the car without assembly, that it's not overtly conspicuous, it's just more practical than a giant like the Flex Cessna 170 or their RV-8 or the Funcub XL.) It's perfect. She's perfect I should say.

For the ESC I scored a Frsky 80A (link) from a buddy. The ESCs I had on hand of >80A were just too large to stuff into the airplane, I had glued the ESC on the top of the nose. This ESC has the muscle and also is small enough to tuck inside the fuse just where an inrunner motor would go. One interesting thing about this ESC, which I guess is drone-purposed, is that if you pull back on the throttle, it engages prop braking to quickly slow down the propeller to match your stick position. That way you can pull up to the flight line and make the Funcub do a little dance, important.

I went with the Leopard 4250-4.5T 960kv (link). Not only is this motor at 208g about twice the weight of a typical Funcub motor, and because you have to mount it in front of the firewall sticking out rather than tucking it inside the fuselage, and because it's long, that moves the CG forward significantly. For batteries, I went with a 4000mAh 4S (link) weighing over 400g, more than double the typical Funcub battery.

Challenges those two things...Continue Reading
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It’s been a few years so finally got a few premium upgrades for my ‘birthday’.

Got a Crossfire Micro TX bc yeah, and a very premium set of motors(on their way still). The crossfire is setup, did the hardware mod on my qx7.

After lots of endless frustration w betaflight I figured I’d give Flightone a try. Josue FPV kinda got the notion in my head and I’ve been kinda stagnant and figured why not. I have not gotten everything going yet but I should be in the air in the next couple days if not today.

I m getting over pneumonia which was no fun.

I also upgraded to some hkrc 32bit esc’s.

Let the cartoons begin.
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Fun lil Heli's to fly. Blade 200SRX. Blade 120S. Not sure if I'm digging these Fiberglass Canopies though. Feels like it adds weight to the Bird. If anyone is looking for a nice Flying Field in IN-this one in Scottsburg, IN is quite nice and peaceful. Enjoy your day & Happy Flying.

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Tip #28 - Z84 FPV Race Wing - Tips & Setup for a Successful Maiden Flight

Here is a link to the Video:

The Z84 is a pretty nice Wing with a decent power system.
This version is the PNF that has a 2208 2600kv Motor, 30A ESC, and 5050 Prop.
I've found a 6040 Prop works much better than the stock 5050 Prop as it produces more thrust and is more efficient.
I will be testing my favorite Parkjet Prop on this Wing during my next Flight Session and I'll bet 6x3 Prop will perform better than the 6x4 ;-)

The KMP 6040 Composite Prop proved to provide a lot of thrust with good efficiency.
When I landed I still had 3.85v per cell ;-)
My new favorite Prop for this Wing.....until I have the results of the 6x3 ;-)

The Specified CG works well on this Wing and I setup for a Neutral Balance on the CG.
You will need a Prop Collet as the Rubber Band Prop Holder is not very good.
The Magnet for the Canopy is not very strong so I use a Velcro Strap to securely hold the Canopy in place.

***Note: I replaced the T-plug on mine with an XT60 Plug on the ESC

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Zeta Wing Wing Z-84 Z84 EPO 845mm Wingspan Flying Wing PNP

Prop Collet - You will need the 3.17mm - 5mm

3mm/3.17mm Aluminum Bullet Prop Adapter Propeller Holder...Continue Reading
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The ecological environment in foreign countries is relatively good, and the private swimming pool is relatively popular. The simulated crocodile remote control boat can make waterfowl and the swan not dare to play in the swimming pool, effectively driving the waterfowl away. Keep the water in your swimming pool clean and protect your swimming pool and garden from bird droppings.

Product details:
Product Name: Flytec V002 RC Crocodile Boat
Frequency: 2.4GHZ
Control Time: 15 Mins
Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
Control Distance: 30 M
Battery: 3.7V 500MAH
Product Size (L*W*H) : 32*17*12 cm
Product Weight: 677g
Speed: 15 KM/h

1.2.4GHz remote control, the remote control distance is farther, and many people use it without interference.
2. Resin simulation of the crocodile head, the shape is realistic.
3. Forward, backward,turn left and turn right four-channel operation, which simulates the speed and movement of the real crocodile, and moves freely on the water.
4. Low-voltage protection, when the voltage is too low, the speed will automatically drop by 40%, reminding consumers to recall the remote-controlled boat
5. The water-inducing paddle shaft is in contact with the water surface. After the fluid is sensed, the power can be quickly turned on. At the same time, the balanced double-coil slurry is used to make the speedboat sail more smoothly and without fear of overturning.
6. Waterproof performance is good, the charging port is equipped with rubber...Continue Reading
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At the end of August we dusted the Armstrong off and prepared her for a fly on the slope. Landed up being the best two flights even though conditions were very light.

The Bomber August 2019 (4 min 43 sec)

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The UFRC Growler GX1 has metal thread inserts in the plastic parts at high-stress mounting points.
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Sep 12, 2019 @ 04:28 AM | 413 Views
Aluminum skid plate/chassis reinforcement for the front axle as standard. Steel reinforcement plate for the chassis in the servo saver area as standard.
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Sep 12, 2019 @ 02:59 AM | 415 Views
Front suspension with ball-raced balance beam for the shocks (can also be locked if required) for running on very uneven terrain.
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Sep 12, 2019 @ 02:57 AM | 420 Views
Machined connecting plates for the hinge pins with exchangeable plastic inserts as standard.
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Sep 12, 2019 @ 02:56 AM | 375 Views
Bent and milled tub chassis made of 5 mm thick aluminum for extreme rigidity.
Posted by phyngineer | Sep 12, 2019 @ 01:40 AM | 392 Views
Recently, in order to make rational use of the Yangtze River coastline and strengthen the maintenance of the Yangtze River ecology and river safety, the Zhenjiang Municipal Government urgently needs high-resolution orthophotos within 500 meters of the Yangtze River, and superimposes it as an image base map and water conservancy thematic information... The project area starts from Jurong City Avenue in the west and west to Xilaiqiao Town in Yangzhong City. The ground resolution requirement is 8 cm.

A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters rises slowly on the beach on the banks of the Yangtze River. This is a vertical takeoff and landing drone built for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing.

Before taking off, the flying hand has uploaded the carefully planned route to the drone. According to the 8 cm resolution requested by the customer, the aerial overlap ratio is set to 75% of the heading, 70% of the sideways, and a total of 41 flying frames. After about an hour, thanks to the RTK centimeter positioning, the plane finally landed at the takeoff point. After a simple equipment inspection and disassembly work, the flying hand drove to the next takeoff point.

During the flight operation of the drone, there are often 6-7 winds and heavy rains. The Corbett mapping team completed the 400-square-kilometer flight in just 15 days, acquiring more than 21,000 high-quality drone images with an image resolution of 42 million pixels. Finally, the staff imported the data into the Pix4Dmapper for processing, and stitched all the scattered drone data into a continuous, standardized, measurable image map. It provides reliable information for the government to fully understand the development and utilization of the Yangtze River coastline.