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Well it's September and I'm still here. The docs are trying to get the right dose of chemo to kill the cancer and not kill me. So Far so good.
So a few years back I thought I needed a specialized airplane to test suspect receivers. So I built a lightweight sport design to test the equipment.
One of my friends named it the Pocket Rocket and a dozen or so people built one.
He built one and did a build log too:

I went crazy trying to keep the weight off, flying weight is only 12 ounces.
I used the rudder hinge for the tailwheel mount. it worked.
The picture with the large 3d plane was on a very windy day.The large plane was the only one that wouldn't blow away. The Rocket flew fine.

Build log:

Here's some pictures....Continue Reading
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My Champ S Plus arrived with twisted tail feathers. My hobby shop gently put them back in alignment. My plane developed a weird quirk that it's ailerons wouldn't turn left. I took it in this week and they replaced the entire plane and transmitter.

Helping and being there for me as a beginner was really a good experience. Despite the 20-minute trip, the relationship has proven worthwhile.

The new plane's rudder is a bit off. Where do you think I'll take it to check it out?

My younger brother bought his Champ S Plus online. Same price. But without a hobby shop pro looking over his shoulder, I'm concerned about his flying experience.

I learned the importance of a relationship with a pro at a shop through riding a bicycle. These guys are in business just to see you succeed. They have years of experience that can be trusted.
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Should I use Corrosion X or WD40 if my electric aircraft's motor was submerged under salt water? Urgent, don't want to spend $45 for a new motor!!!
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September 3/16:
What a relief it is to have the blistering hot, humid days of August behind us! This morning a couple of members joined me & my 13 yr old grandson at our SOGGI flying field just south of the Hamilton Airport. At 9 am when we arrived, it was sunny, dry, no humidity, 17 C with a light 4-8 mph wind from the north, north east.

After setting up the shade tent and work table, I tried out my latest gadget… anemometer or wind speed indicator. This is a really sensitive instrument and will store over 100 records. It indicates, min/max & average wind speeds and will display the results in feet/meters/sec, kilometers/miles/hour and even register in beaufort numbers for mariners. It may be overkill, but I like to know what the wind speeds are especially when it starts to get up in the 10 - 15 mph range which I find is about the limit what I can handle. Now I can take the quess work out of it and will know when to not to fly.

Next I took my 1/4” red rubber tubing hi-start and laid it out end for end. From what I have been reading on RCGroups, a stretch of 300% will give about a 4-5x the weight of the plane. I measured off the extra 105’ distance to the relaxed length of the 36 ft. rubber and placed a marker. Now at least I have a guide as to how far to stretch and the hi-start.

I brought my repaired 55” WS, “Skeeter” out for a quick toss just to make sure all was well before getting ready to launch it on the hi-start. The plan was to start at...Continue Reading
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Drones are revolutionizing research - and shares stunning aerial photos. They take pictures and video footage in remote places from above, providing their operator with a stunning view. Karen Joyce, an environmental scientist at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, is using the drones to discover the marine ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef. DW asked her to explain how the flying robots revolutionized her work.
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My brother built a big Polikarpov I 16 from Depron and I had the honour to mak ethe maiden and second flight. It is amazing, slow docile, precise and powerful:
Polikarpov I 16 Rata 160 cm aus Depron (2 min 53 sec)

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Just a quick update for the thrust vectoring coaxial drone project,

Coaxial drone (1 min 31 sec)

Maxxprod Himax contra-rotating brushless motor CR2805,
7x5 props replaced by T-Motor carbon fiber 9x3 resulting in more efficiency.
Flight time is about 15 minutes with Fatshark HD pilot and 12 minutes with a Gopro 3. Could be even better with a more adapted motor. The advantage of this system is to allow large props with little frame (the 3D printed frame of this coax weights less than 30 grams) resulting in a very good efficiency.
Flight controller is a CC3D revolution with a standard coaxial vehicle config.
The system seems to not accept too much the integral (often resulting in a counter pendulum effect during fast pitch forward translation but maybe it can be a variable overshoot??) but no pendulum effect with a simple P (no I nor D) for the inner loop (acro) and a simple P (no I) for the outer loop (attitude). With this config, the system reacts very good and is very stable and controllable even with wind.

Next step will be to remove the clevis in the commands because the system could maybe accept a direct servo in the roll and pitch plates and take advantage of a larger roll and pitch travel (-45°, +45° for ex) and more room in the frame (or a lighter one). CC3D will be replaced by a SP racing F3.
Thanks for your comments if you have!
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This video is my first outdoor flight with the new Syma X5HW WiFi FPV Drone Quadcopter.

First Outdoor Flight - Syma X5HW WiFi FPV Drone Quadcopter (2 min 37 sec)

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Hello again blog,

Again, its been a while since I last typed but here I am again with yet another rundown.

I finally got back up on the horse after losing my 220 and 180 builds and put together a crappy 250 clone of a clone that came in a kit with some more clones of clones (i.e. crappy CC3D board). It did the trick to get me back up on the horse. Heck I was even flying FPV successfully again!

And again, never really being completely 'satisfied' things have been swapped/changed/replaced on this quad several times.
It is now on a 210 KingKong frame (which is a disappointment - more on that some other time) AND I have another 180 (zmr clone) in the arsenal as well.

Multiple crashes have
-Eaten props
-Broken several FPV antenna
-Dented motor housings (hence seizing them)
-Cracked CF plates

I learned the most valuable lesson of all - not all props are created equally.
Because the prop clone wars are just as (if not more) rampant as the electronics one - the hub sizes will vary greatly amongst props.

I learned this the hard way when stripping the top 3 threads of a motor.
Motor shaft length is directly proportionate to the prob hub.
Lesson(s) learned.

Still loving it.
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Waterproof quad review in the rain... yep I got soaked.

WATERPROOF Quadcopter JJRC H31 Review - I GOT SOAKED. (6 min 10 sec)

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REAPER 195 - APC 5X4X3 (1 min 44 sec)

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Silverdomsen Quad 3D "4S punches" (0 min 22 sec)

H101 Floureon
4 resistors 1000 ohm
4*Dys XM 20A esc
4* Emax 1306 4000KV motors
Diatone mini 2A BEC
Silicon wire 18Gauge
Female XT60
Lantian LT130 frame
rubycon 220uF 35V cap
2*CW & 2*CCW HQ 3*3*3 props (are very well capable of 3D)
BoltHV 850MAH 4S battery (cheap on hobbyking and worth for the money)

Step 1: gut floureon and install easy flash pins with superglue and solder.

Step 2: Install motors and ESC's keep wiring short or use wrap around technique. Solder both front ESC red wires together, Fold a piece of 18gauge wire and leave 4cm. Strip insulation from the fold and solder the red ESC wire to the bigger wire by inserting it in the wire core. Do the same for the black wires.
4CM side of the 18gauge wil go to the diatone BEC underneath H101 FC also install capacitor here. and the other end to the battery and the other ESC's. Run the BEC under the H101 PCB (wrap it in one layer of Etape)

Step 3: Install resistors on the ends of the motor contact pads. Remove the small brown capacitors in parallel with the motors on the FC Arms. Drill small 1MM holes in Lantian plastic board standoffs and mount Floureon board with Floureon Bodywork screws to standoffs.
(drilling holes in the plastic standoffs avoids having to drill holes into the H101 PCB, it also creates space for the Diatone mini 2A bec to fit underneath the H101 PCB as it is now mounted higher, use a soldering iron to make...Continue Reading
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Shot this video Friday on my lunch break. More parts to come!

RC Cars Roam a Tiny Toronto | Part 1 (1 min 26 sec)

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I joined to learn about UAVs and team with others here.

Professionally, I am an embedded software engineer with prior experience as a digital hardware and uController board developer.

Experimenting with UAV's is something I do as a hobby and to possibly one day earn some income on as well.
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I dont want any trouble but i created another account because my wife "katie" up and left me because of my health. I guess she didnt take her vows seriously. You know better or worse sickness and health richer or poorer till death do us part. So i created an account that didnt have her name in it. I want to be honest. Check sheaandkaties ussrname. That is me. I have things shipped and pending so i havent closed it. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
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i am interested in buying a ceiling walker that duke croft made,ron weingarten [email protected] 818 360 5783
Posted by CooperR53 | Sep 03, 2016 @ 01:47 PM | 1,276 Views
I dont want any trouble but i created another account because my wife "katie" up and left me because of my health. I guess she didnt take her vows seriously. You know better or worse sickness and health richer or poorer till death do us part. So i created an account that didnt have her name in it. I want to be honest. Check sheaandkaties ussrname. That is me. I have things shipped and pending so i havent closed it. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
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Silo Session (2 min 39 sec)

Posted by marblekit | Sep 03, 2016 @ 12:16 PM | 5,853 Views
An in-depth review of the Holybro Shuriken 250

Holybro Shuriken 250 Review (Part 1) (37 min 23 sec)

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I bought this engine from eBay, paid a bit more than I should have, but hey I'm planning on keeping it so.... It looked pretty decent on the outside. it was missing a few items that added to the overall cost to me, prop washer, muffler, bearings, and the needle valve assembly needed to be replaced. Fortunately I had a replacement needle valve assembly on hand. I also ordered some gaskets, retaining nuts for the muffler and an O-ring.

Once I opened her up I saw how dirty the inside was! It took some time but I got it done and now she is a beautiful and fine running engine once again. See the story in video here.